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The Crew Our Staff

Bruce Silverman CEO, Co-founder, Co-Owner

An expert in every facet of Direct Selling. Rely on Bruce to create a lead generation program guaranteed to increase your sales. He demands that all issues related to hiring, training and supervision of Call Center Associates revolve around the principle of how best to serve the client.

This exceptional standard of Customer Service has resulted in explosive growth for our company. Formerly an Art Dealer, Bruce inspires our Web Design Team to produce a customized visually effective presentation sure to attract customers to your online storefront.


Jill Operations

Jill is the company manager who works with a team of highly driven creative professionals that includes retail, wholesale, billing, and customer care departments. Her eye for detail and utmost commitment to meet the laid out objectives of the company and every client make her an invaluable member of the team. Her areas of responsibility include overseeing all departments, meeting with project managers to make certain that everything is handled accordingly, and ensuring that team leaders and their respective teams share the same level of dedication (as with hers).

Rio Production

Rio is a Web Programming Expert who focuses on providing high-end web solutions to a wide range of clients. He is updated with the latest trends, techniques and softwares in building complex and highly interactive applications for several websites.

While web development may seem glamorous, it is often a difficult and time-consuming process. However, as the Operations Manager, Rio understands that the need for software development solutions must be delivered on time and in accordance to the budget. This is what one can expect when you have Silver Connect Web Design as your partner in creating or doing a make-over of your website. Rio is definitely your man when you want your internet idea to become a functional program.

Sales Team

Rita Director, Project Manager, Wholesale Division

With her prominent customer service skills, she can perfectly respond to client’s requests, needs, and wants. The Wholesale Division is mainly responsible for Web Development sites that are in need of other support services such as programming, designing or search engine optimization. The first time you talk to Rita, you instantly can tell that she knows what she is talking about and stays true to her word.

Dominic Director, Project Manager, Retail Division

His leadership skills have made him one of the company’s best. As expected of a project manager, he contributes information and recommendations on strategic plans and reviews to improve productivity and quality of work to meet customer-service standards. Thus, no project goes astray in his hands, allowing the company to always meet and surpass customer service standards. Clients always have a good thing to say about Dominic.

Heather Team Leader, Project Manager, Retail Division

With over five years of competitive experience in the web industry, Heather definitely knows how to work around a project. She has an extensive knowledge on what a website really needs – be it a design overhaul, redevelopment, an intensive search engine marketing campaign or a combination of these.

Heather also leads our team of retail sales agents, and she always ensures that all our agents and clients are on the same page when discussing the project. For seamless and hassle-free project management, she’s got your back!

Design and Code Team

Glen Head, Design Department

Leading the pack of exceptional designers is Glen. With years of professional experience, he certainly brings life to a website through the color and graphic elements that usually grab one’s attention at first glance. He is an expert of various web developing technologies, codes and layouts and is constantly updating his knowledge and skills in utilizing the newest software available.

Glen is surely the guy who will make a visitor stop and appreciate the design and artistic quality your website has. Your site will not only be user-friendly but it will most definitely be equally aesthetically appealing. When it comes to website design, Glen is your man.

Lito Senior Web Developer

As a senior Web Developer, Lito is an expert at various scripting languages, at coding and building or updating existing agile scripts. He stays up-to-date with techniques and tools in professionally creating web programs based on the specs clients require and need. He definitely has the eye not only for design but also for functionality to provide ease with which one navigates through the contents of a website.

From a service point of view, Lito assures that you get the most out of your online advertizing or marketing budget, including utmost profit from your website’s online marketing campaign. His expertise will surely meet your requirements or even go beyond your expectations of an excellent web developer.

Seo Team

Cristine Director, Project Manager, SEO Division

Cristine is the company’s SEO Director and Project Manager. She is the key person in regular contact with our clients so that specifications are always executed. She also makes sure that your website acquires the online presence it needs to get the needed search engine traffic for an increased profit and revenues. With her excellent customer service skills, you will never experience a difficult time creating a deal with her.

Danica Senior Project Manager, SEO- Social Media Marketing

With the increasing importance of social signals in search engine optimization, Danica ensures that your websites are gaining reputation and making some noise in the social media sphere. With her commendable knowledge and skills, which are constantly updated, in handling and managing social media accounts, developing our client’s brand reach and awareness in social media is always carried out professionally.

Customer Care Dept.

Summer Supervisor, Customer Care Support Division

Summer and her crew of well-disposed customer care representatives are the ones responsible for accommodating all your queries, concerns, and problems. Whether your website needs to be updated, changed, or improved, Summer ensures that you will receive the best recommendations for this matter.

Summer is also acknowledged for her unique way of solving website problems. Supported by her accommodating approach, as well as friendly and action-driven attitude, your concerns will be definitely be addressed adequately and professionally.