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Qualities of a Hire-Worthy Website Hosting and Maintenance Company

Given the competitive nature of every business, having a professionally-designed and developed website is not the only concern of business owners who are based in Arizona. For those who are already basking the benefits of having a fully-functional website, they deeply know how a server downtime could affect their sales. This means that choosing the company that provides website hosting and maintenance in Tucson, Arizona should be decided more prudently by website owners.

With the aim to help business owners have a good head start, provided below are some qualities that should not be missed when looking for a web hosting provider.

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Things to Look for in a Web Hosting Provider this 2015!

In today’s competitive business landscape, having a professionally-looking website is no longer the only requirement for Baltimore-based business owners. For those with websites, they cannot afford having a website downtime because it is can potentially lead to loss in sales. This implies that selecting a company that provides website hosting and maintenance in Baltimore, MD is more crucial than it seems for business website owners.

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3 Ways to Tweak Your Ecommerce Website

Securing the most appropriate ecommerce solution in Oakland City, OK is not the dead end if you are running an ecommerce store in the city. In fact, professionals have mentioned that whether you are a startup store business, or an already established one, delighting the customers and prospects should be your utmost priority. Apart from providing good products and services, customer service is one thing that you cannot afford missing out. In addition, to achieve the provision of the best and delightful experience for your customers, your web store should also provide outstanding user experience in general.

In order to achieve this, here are some quick points to keep in mind:

  • Think of digital marketing as a brawl arena where fighters never stop fighting
  • The planning, designing and launching processes are not one-time events
  • There is always room for learning when it comes to online business management

In detail, if you are eyeing to boost your ecommerce’s site conversion rate, provided below are some tricks you can do: Continue reading “3 Ways to Tweak Your Ecommerce Website”

Dedicated vs. Virtual Private Servers: Which Is Better for Detroit-based Business Websites?

There are myriad of options available when it comes to a decent website hosting in Detroit, Michigan. Two of the most popular hosting solutions in the city include dedicated servers and virtual private server (VPS). Of course, your decision of which to choose should depend on your project. Nevertheless, provided below are the reasons why you should go for a dedicated server over a VPS.

  1. Better Security – Even though virtualization platforms are toughened at the hypervisor level, not all hosting solutions have the same level of security. Still, these platforms are an environment. This means that you are sharing it with many others, maybe thousands of other clients. So the only means to ensure that your data is completely secured and isolated from your “neighbors” is through a dedicated server.
  1. More Reliable Performance – One of the issues you might come across with a VPS server is performance inconsistency. In fact, if you try benchmarking a VPS solution at various times within a day under the same traffic conditions, you may also obtain varying results. Some Detroit web hosting and maintenance providers might permit surging your apportioned CPU usage, but this is not an assurance that you will get the extra CPU power when you really need it. With a dedicated server, however, you are entitled full access to all CPU resources.
  1. More Options for Personalization – Providers of VPS option usually offer prepackaged and fixed configurations, leaving no room for upgrade. But if you choose a dedicated server, you can upgrade your server along the way without reinstalling your entire system. It’s a more flexible option, to say the least.
  1. Easy to Use and Convenient to Manage – Some web hosting providers offer dedicated hosting solutions that come with custom-built and exclusive control center, allowing easier control over the network configurations and server hardware.
  1. Same Price, More Value – Cost will always be an essential factor when selecting a hosting solution. Even so, value is even more important. If you are to notice, the prices between dedicated server and most VPS offers in the market do not have substantial difference. However, there is a big difference in the value delivered, considering the features and flexibility you can get from a dedicated server.

These are just a few of the benefits of a dedicated server over a VPS. So, if you are certain to take your website in a dedicated server, better hire a professional web hosting company in Detroit, MI for better assistance and support.

Determining the Right Web Hosting Solution in Los Angeles, California

Today, there are many Los Angeles, CA web hosting and maintenance options available such as shared hosting, free web hosting and dedicated hosting to name a few. Nevertheless, all these web hosting solutions serve a common purpose – to host your website and its elements so that they can be accessed and viewed by people over the Internet. The only major differences between these options are the way they are structured, as well as the benefits they offer.

Let us take a closer look at each of these.

Free Hosting

Of course, what’s better than a free web hosting plan, right? This option is really great for those who want to create a small website to share with family and friends. Although free web hosting normally receives criticisms due to its lack of sufficient security, customer support and features, there are few professional and scrupulous providers whom you can trust. Even so, keep in mind that free web hosting is more centered on giving you a taste of having and managing a personal or small website. If you are planning to launch a more powerful web existence with an online business, you need to consider a paid/premium web hosting in Los Angeles, California because it offers more security, control, as well as reliability.

Shared Hosting

As the name entails, shared hosting is essentially an environment where you are sharing space with other users in a single web server. Because all the clients are also sharing the cost of the server, this option has become the most popular solution for both small businesses and personal users for their advanced applications such as setting up a blog or ecommerce site.

The downside, however, is that you are also exposed to your neighbor’s activities. So, in the instance that another client has made a huge scripting error, the whole server might suffer. If the other website suddenly experiences an upsurge in traffic, then your website may run slower.

Dedicated Hosting

If your business is growing at a constant pace, then you should consider moving to a dedicated server. However, you should be knowledgeable about server administration if you want to succeed with this hosting option.

If you are having trouble choosing the right solution for your website’s needs, you can always turn to professional firms that provide hosting and maintenance consultation and services in Los Angeles. Surely, they can help your website establish a prominent web presence!

Doing Website Development the Right Way

Normally, the design of the website is the first thing that people notice upon visiting. Because you surely want to leave a good first impression, you want to make sure that your designers and website developers are doing their jobs so that your visitors don’t leave as soon as they land on your website. For this reason, this blog post lists down some tips on how to do website development the right way.

Double Check Browser Compatibility

One of the essential things to consider while designing and developing a website is browser compatibility. What you see in front of your computer might not always be what other people see on theirs. So in order to successfully cater the needs of your target audience, make certain that your website is compatible with all prominent browsers.

Mix and Match Visual Elements

We are not in the 90s anymore so don’t make your website a text-heavy one. As much as possible, post images and videos to make your website more visually-appealing and engaging to visitors. In addition, these visual elements would make your pages “sticky”, thus, lowering your bounce rate.

Don’t Use Frames

Although frames are important to keep your design lovely, they would affect your SEO negatively. This is because any content contained within the frame is not indexed by search engine’s spiders. If major search engines can’t see some of your content, perhaps some key information, then your ranking is bound to doom. In the long run, this will definitely hinder visitors especially those who are using search engines.

Provide Free Newsletter or Company Magazine

Another important thing to do in website development is to allow your visitors sign up for your newsletter or company magazine. Regular newsletters help your website attract repeat visitors, and it also increases the loyalty of your existing customers. Just make sure to deliver newsletters to those who only requested it.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, design plays a substantial part in your website’s first impression. This alone can find out whether visitors would stick on or leave the page. Aside from these four tips, make sure to also choose a fast and reliable website hosting provider so your website can deliver the best user experience.

How to Spot a Good Web Hosting Company

With the existence of copious web hosting companies out there today, selecting a good one can seem daunting at times. However, this should not be that hard if you have the right information. Provided below are some easy-to-follow tips that will help you arrive into a decision.

  1.  Initially, find out the offered plans of each candidate web host companies. Although free sounds really great, most free hosting services nowadays only offer pages that are static, which means that you are not allowed to utilize your own programming scripts and language. In addition, if the company has a reputation of having lengthy breakdowns, better skip that company and proceed to another. These outages only indicate their lack of adequacy and professionalism.
  2.  Inquire about the security your prospect web host can provide. Given today’s technological advancement, websites that are attacked by hackers often happen; not to mention that a great number of possible threats are always present.
  3.  Determine if your prospective host automatically backs up your data, or if you need to do it yourself. This is very important to ask because losing your valuable data without backup is equal to massive loss in everything. As much as possible, prefer a website hosting company that has back up for their backed-up data. In this manner, you can be confident that your data are pretty much secured.
  4.  It is also advisable to look for a host company that is located where your target clientele is. For instance, if your target audience lives within Canada, your safest bet is to choose a provider that has a data center within Canada’s borders.
  5.  Your host provider should also be capable of allowing your website to grow. As your audience expands, you will need additional space to accommodate the growing demand for your website. A single static HTML page for instance shouldn’t take too much space, but adding images and videos can quickly fill up your website data. For file hosting alone, around 200mb to 1GB should be sufficient as a good starting platform for your domain.


Before you start following the above-named tips on how to choose good website hosting company, it is important to write down your priorities first. Knowing what you want in advance will help you filter prospective hosts whether they can adequately provide your needs.

Seven Things to Look For in a Web Hosting Service

Gone are the days when having a professional website for an enterprise was a personal choice of the business owner. As a matter of fact, most companies with websites today cannot afford even a moment of downtime where their clients can’t access their site. This means that choosing a website hosting and maintenance company is more than critical than ever for website owners. Consequently, provided below are seven tips straight from the experts that would help you decide where to host your website.

  1.   Quality Support24/7 – Initially, ask yourself what kind of support your website needs. So far, the worst thing that could occur to a website is to have an email issue or go down for hours. Although we have incredible technological advancement today, no one is exempted when it comes to technical glitches. Therefore, if you find yourself in the middle of these, it is best to have a reliable company that you can depend on to get prompt solution. This implies that you should look for providers that offer free customer support service 24/7.
  2.   Parking Service – Determine if you can park your company’s other domain names with ease. Nowadays, dozens of companies purchase their .net, .com, .org, and other hyphenated version of their own service names, domain names, and more. For this reason, it is indeed convenient and efficient especially for brand management to have these in a single control panel and acknowledge beforehand that you would not lose any traffic.
  3.   Adequate Backup – Make certain that your web hosting company can provide more than enough backup. This is expedient in case you accidentally deleted one of your important website directories, your blog directory for instance. If your host provides dependable disaster recovery plans and automatically backup their backups, your website and its contents are in good hands.
  4.   99% or More Uptime Guarantee – Needless to say, the last thing you don’t want to happen is when your valuable clients experience a blank screen once they type in your URL. Thus, make certain your hosting service has a solid reputation for uptime and redundancy. As much as possible, look for a provider that can offer 99% or more uptime guarantee in order to avoid seeing your website experience constant server outages. In addition, make sure their main server has several mirrored servers (backup) so if one of them goes down, they have other servers that are already online and ready to go.
  5.   Seamless Accessibility – There are some hosting services that make it difficult for website owners to make alterations in their websites. Thus, make sure to shop for host that is capable of providing you seamless access to their server so that you can easily change server settings, create new email accounts, and more.
  6.   Can Support Blog – Apart from social media tools, another necessary commodity for most company websites today is a blog. Although you don’t blog today, you might realize its worth in the future so make certain that your hosting service can meet the minimum requirements of various blogging platforms like WordPress. This is very important for start-up and small businesses that utilize blogs mainly for their content marketing because not all hosts support this function yet.
  7.   Exit Strategy – Although you are commoved about everything regarding the great offers of your hosting provider, make sure to still read the fine print regarding their side if you take your business elsewhere. A lot of hosts today make it really hard for their clients to move their domains away from them. Always keep in mind that a professional and principled host would not make this process difficult.


Considering these above-mentioned tips before availing a web hosting service will definitely help you have a smooth hassle-free website operation and management in the long run. Furthermore, be sure to also clarify the scope and limitations of their services, as well as their respective charges, in order to prevent them from charging you additional costs for ill-defined services.

Choosing a Website Hosting and Maintenance Service the Proper Way

You don’t have to worry about these kinds of problems if you hire a web graphic design firm since they can provide it for you. But if you insist on purchasing it on your own, here are some tips for you.

Get enough Disk Space – The web hosting plan must provide you with enough disk space for the sole purpose of storing your files such as videos, images, audio and other memory-eating file formats. When it comes to small websites, 250 MB is sufficient enough. In case you’re making a website for large companies, go for a web hosting plan with a considerably larger disk space.

Check Bandwidth for data transfer capacity – Larger bandwidth means that your website has the perks of providing good page loading speed plus users won’t have to encounter problems while they are browsing your website. Reliable web development services can give you unlimited data transfer which means bandwidth overload is no longer a concern.

Only Look for uninterrupted Technical Support – Your hosting service provider should be capable of providing you technical assistance each time your site encounters any kinds of problems. Make sure they have a reliable customer support.

Ask for Cpanel Access – Cpanel or control panel is a place where you can control or troubleshoot things such as adding or deleting, and a place where you can manage your email address(es), change passwords and other maintenance functions. Make sure, you get access to your website’s Cpanel when you buy web hosting service.

Make sure your website has an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate – This is especially
important to websites where financial transactions are carried out or where sensitive
information is required, e-commerce websites is one good example. SSL grants your website (as well as your clients) security against any kind of malware or scams. Even though SSL certificates can be purchased separately, if you purchase a web hosting plan having an SSL feature, you may have to pay more. A tip, you can gain big discounts when you avail it from a web development company.

The Significance Of A Proper Blog Hosting And Maintenance

Whenever individuals create a blog (free or otherwise paid), they don’t usually think things through in advance. Instead, they wind up constraining themselves. A lot of people would do is purchase a domain and leave it that way, especially bloggers. These people don’t understand the value of an appropriate web hosting and maintenance. For this reason, this post tackles why you ought to purchase web-hosting.

Why do we need it anyway?

Web-hosting means keeping your website files stored on a separate and dedicated web server. It is slightly different from domain hosting. Domain hosting simply describes the purchasing of a custom web address for your blog. Although it’s true that Google provides Blogger users a free web-hosting service, the truth remains that this kind of hosting is limited. The following restrictions (even if you buy a custom GoDaddy domain) for your Blogger account includes:

You cannot create:

Sub-domains (

A forum or any similar application

Custom web pages

Limited (if they are provided at all):

Few custom email addresses

1 GB total size of uploads

Unable to:

Host scripts on your website, and will likely need to depend on a third-party

Upload files (except for images and videos that can only be added into your posts)

Each page is only capable of holding 1 MB

These factors distinguish a blogger from a webmaster. Rookies normally don’t understand their value, and are reluctant to invest on a good hosting services coming from reliable web developing companies. These attributes are very useful in the future if you wish to expand your blog’s scope:

Add custom pages

Tools and apps

Add custom scripts

Better invest your time and money to services provided by recognized SEO firms. Why you ask? You’ll be hitting multiple birds with one stones. Their low cost web design service together with SEO and social media marketing techniques will definitely generate traffic and boost your blog’s visibility.