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#WomenWednesday: Social Media Marketing

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As a way of giving back to our audience who are actively participating in our social media pages, we invited two of these influential women to share their thoughts about social media networking and marketing. Both of these women are running their own enterprises so you will definitely pick up something really valuable from their own experiences.

How Do You Decide on Your Social Media Marketing Objectives?

Miriam Vineyard:

“I choose my social media marketing objectives by what I believe will have the most impact and provoke thought in my clients and followers. I also, maintain strict integrity guidelines to offer non-judgmental marketing.”

Melissa Burness:

“This is difficult for me as I am not a buyer that cares for a “hard” or aggressive sales approach. It is probable that I am the worst at marketing just to avoid “selling”.   I know, not a successful quality in an artist.  My goal is to share my work and to entertain so my main objective is to post my designs and interesting facts about my designs in hopes that others find them visually attractive  and entertaining.”


What’s The Most Important Thing to Keep in Mind in Encouraging Others to Share a Blog Post or Status Update?

Miriam Vineyard:

“I feel the most important thing to keep in mind in encouraging others to share a blog post or status update is that I am honest. I know I have faults, I’ve made mistakes and when I blog or post I’m honest and I write what’s in my heart. If I can reach people on a personal level, they may be more likely to share. Be genuine and interactive with others.”

Melissa Burness:

“The most important thing to keep in mind is that building a following takes time so don’t give up. It is also important to remember your followers are not sitting on their device waiting for your post to happen, they have lives and schedules and will stop by when they can so don’t post a comment on where everyone is or how few likes or comments the post has had.  I think this places the responsibility  of your success on your followers and they begin to see your posts as a task and burden.  It is also so imperative to keep in mind that Facebook takes time to update the “reach” on a post and is not in real time.  Give your post time to reach everyone.”


What’s Your First Course of Action When All Key Metrics have Dropped?

Miriam Vineyard:

“When all the key metrics, or engagement has dropped my first action is to post asking who is seeing me. When that hasn’t worked in the past, I have changed over to a random picture and play on words. I’m also honest about why I am doing what I am doing.  I also am not afraid to seek guidance from other business owners that have gone through similar things.”

Melissa Burness:

“I change up my style and key information. For sales it will be new photos, keywords and descriptions.  I change my post strategy on social media if my metrics drop, different types of posts and information as well as time of day.”


Do You Use Social Media Tools to Help Accomplish Your Tasks?

Miriam Vineyard:

“The only social media tools that I use to help me accomplish tasks are scheduling posts. Occasionally, my mind goes into over drive and I have a lot to say, I write it all out (paper and pen) and then organize my written mess and create as many posts as it takes to get it all out. I do not pay social media sites to boost or sponsor posts. I do, however use ladder or networking groups. I enjoy them as I can promote my business and I get an opportunity to see other businesses pages for products/services that I may need.”

Melissa Burness:

“I use my google account for my many metrics including my website hits and of course Facebook’s page insights are extremely helpful for your Facebook page.”


Any “NINJA” Tips You Care to Share With Us When it Comes to Effective Social Media Management?

Miriam Vineyard:

“I would share with everyone, when it comes to effective social media management, if you can find a company that you trust and believe in let them create your website and manage a portion of your social media sites.  My greatest tips for anyone who has a social media platform for business are: (1) Be who you are, be honest, hold onto your values, let people get to know the real you by being interactive on your page with comments, posts and private messages; and (2) Keep your personal and business page separate. No harm in sharing a business post on your personal page but if all you post personally is your business people tend to stick to only comment on your personal page.”

Melissa Burness:

“I am not sure they are ninja actually they are quite obvious but worth repeating! First and foremost time management.  I am on-line and post the same day and time so that my followers know when to expect information from me. When the social media outlet allows I use the scheduling tool.  I schedule a certain amount of time each day to post and network on social media.  It is important to respect your time and follow your schedule.  The biggest tip I can share is be there for your fellow social networkers!  If you expect others to support you, then you must be dedicated to supporting them!  I am a firm believer that you reap what you sow!”


About the Contributors:

Miriam Vineyard


Miriam Vineyard is the owner of Vineyards of Hope. As a Personal Empowerment Specialist, she work with clients anywhere there is internet or phone service, since everything she do is online. She has a Bachelor’s degree Health Education. Although her company is fairly new, she have been aiding in personal empowerment for over a decade now.

Connect with her in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn as she provides FREE 30-minute sessions!



Melissa Burness

Melissa Burness is the owner of Melbe Creations.

“I find my bliss in the forest, lakes and wildlife of northern Minnesota but adore nature all around the world. My anxieties vanish when I immerse myself in Mother Nature’s world. I immortalize and transform Mother Nature’s awesome creations into images of mesmerizing symmetry through kaleidoscopic mandala art.

I take photos that have varying texture, shapes and colors, digitally crop and reassemble the crops together to create a seamless kaleidoscopic mandala design. One photo can create numerous designs because each cut creates a different geometrical pattern. The finished product can create a pattern that is difficult to recognize the original photo or can enhance the subject of the original photo.

It is my hope that you experience the peace and serenity that I find when you view my work.”

Website vs. Social Media: What Must Businesses Prioritize?

Website vs Social Media



Small business. Startups.

We know that being a new player in a market can be really hard especially if the niche is highly competitive. Venturing into the business world is not something that should be taken lightly. As a small business, you need to prove to everyone that you can deliver – that your business is the next big thing.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You need to maintain the quality of your service/product, keep up a stable marketing campaign, balance off expenditures and revenues, and sustain a good brand image.

In today’s business landscape, it has become a necessity for businesses, big or small, to be social online. That’s why it’s a no-brainer that various social media platforms have gained an unprecedented success over the years. These platforms have become an integral channel for marketing and business development.

Main social networks - Brands of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn

Because of their efficiency, however, some small business owners have relied on them heavily to the point that they ignored having their own website to establish and maintain their online presence.

Yes, a business can exist with just social media presence, but it’s a major mistake. Even though social media is a powerful channel to reach more people online, it doesn’t completely fill the shoes of a well-designed corporate website. Business owners, especially small enterprise owners, should do social media only as a part of their overall inbound marketing strategy.

If you still prioritize focusing on social media pages than having a business website, think about these seven reasons why you should modify your strategy:

Credibility and Trust

Credibility and Trust


Business owners know that trust and credibility are everything. Yes, creating a Facebook business page can be easy, but this low-entry barrier also made the platform susceptible to the creation of dummy and scam pages. Having a website is definitely a step forward to establishing credibility.

In having a website, you will choose your own domain name, invest in content ideation and development, and do a lot of online marketing to introduce your business online. These efforts can’t be equated with just a social media existence.




PossessionWho really owns your social network? You log into your page, publish posts, read posts, comment on something, and reply to your audience. Plus, you probably consider the people you’re connected with to be “relationships.” The problem is, these relationships that you’ve cultivated, established, and maintained on social media platforms may be connected to your brand, but they’re actually owned by the platform itself.

In fact, some social media networks make it really hard for you to leverage the relationships you’ve built on their platform. They are deeply aware that once you’ve take it off their platform, they subsequently lose the leverage, the data, as well as the relationship.

So if you want to sustain that quality audience relationship, it’s better to lure them home to your corporate website.


Business Value

Business Value


Of course, if you’ve just started your own business, selling it would not cross your mind. But who knows what happens in 10 or 20 years’ time?

Keep in mind that part of what business buyers look for is a brand with formidable assets.

If your business doesn’t have any corporate website with a continuous flow of traffic, leads, and inbound links, your business will definitely get a lesser value.




Online Consumers are a Moving Target

Online Consumers Are A Moving TargetWith the online environment becoming more mobile for consumers, marketers and business owners are necessitated to meet their customers wherever they are. Although 90 percent of media interactions every day are screen-based, consumers could have been searching for info (search engines), browsing social media feeds (social media), watching videos (video apps), shopping online (ecommerce sites), or just browsing the internet.

This clearly indicates that the consumers are a moving target. Hence, the marketer must meet these consumers wherever they are, then bring them home – to your website.

The website must be the brand’s main digital footprint.




ControlImagine you have your own car. You can easily change its color, upholstery, and do other improvements, right? But what if you only rented the car? The modifications will be prohibited or really difficult. The exact principle applies online. When you have pages in Facebook, Twitter, Google +, or LinkedIn, you’re basically “renting” space from these platforms, which gives them most of the control.

Then there’s the “Terms & Conditions.” If you want to host a contest in social media, you need to abide by their terms and conditions. In fact, for every move you make in social media, you need to consult with their terms and conditions to ensure that you’re not violating any of them. Again, most of the control is on their side. If you have a website, however, you have full control of every aspect of your online marketing.


Online Marketing Hub

Online Marketing Hub


Think of your online marketing as a wheel.

Your strategy must consist of several spokes that are connected to a hub. In this sense, your website will be the hub of your online marketing.

It functions as the central place to which you drive traffic, prospects, and leads for business transactions. Relying on the outer spokes (social media for instance) too much will eventually make the whole wheel collapse.



Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics


All business owners need to continuously monitor and enhance their inbound marketing.

However, they can’t fully do these important tasks on social media platforms because the available data is limited. On the other hand, all data that can be used for inbound marketing development can be obtained when you have a website.

Tools such as Google Analytics can give the business owner extensive data and insights. Improving the inbound marketing strategies can help them to grow their businesses.





Without a doubt, social media provides business owners with a golden chance to cultivate relationships with their potential and existing customers. However, they should be aware that these platforms are businesses, too. They are on a mission to develop their features to improve the user experience, aggregate specific data, and maintain a steady flow of revenues.

Business owners must capitalize social media for audience communication, brand establishment, and lead generation only. All further relationships should be done and sustained in their own websites.

Whose side are you on?

Civil War

Twitter Broke Down Twice Today

Twitter Broke Down

A lot of Twitter users in Asia, Australia, America, Japan, and Europe experienced difficulty in accessing the social network today at 11:49 pm EST. Other reports said that it might have affected other regions as well. Third party apps, such as Tweetdeck and Tweetchat, remained operational but with limited functionality.

The problem lasted for 15 minutes to more than an hour (in some areas). When the platform became live again, people were discussing the horror, then it went down again at 12:57 am EST.

According to Down Right Now, a website that monitors the status of favorite web services, Twitter has gone through a “likely service disruption.” Twitter folks had nowhere to air out their frustrations but on Facebook and Instagram.


The outage happened during two of the most “historical” moments in the NBA- The Golden State Warriors achieving the most number of wins in a regular season, and the farewell game of Kobe Bryant. Hence, basketball aficionados supposed that those events have brought down Twitter.


The social media giant admitted that they were aware of the problem both in their desktop and mobile sites. The last time Twitter went on a massive outage was in January.

Twitter is up as of this writing.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Twitter Cheat Sheet for Small Businesses

Twitter Cheat Sheet for Small Businesses

Businesses, small or big, can no longer ignore the power of Twitter when it comes to brand establishment, lead acquisition, and online marketing. This social media platform has become a powerful microblogging tool both for individuals and businesses.

With the intention to guide you in making the most of this social media platform, here’s a cheat sheet that you can use:

Twitter Cheat Sheet_Infographic

Facebook to Rearrange Notification Buttons

Facebook_Live Video Feature


Last year, Facebook released its live video option to compete with its rival platform Periscope, which is run by Twitter. To emphasize its commitment in advancing this feature, Facebook is set to place it a notch higher.

In an effort to widen the social network’s audience who are watching and creating live videos, Facebook announced that it will rearrange the notification panel on its mobile apps.

It is their goal to turn their live video feature into a preeminent attraction because of the increasing number of people who use their smartphones to share and record snippets of their everyday lives. For this reason, they will be moving the button to their Messenger service to highlight the video button on the notification panel.

Once the users press it, it will display a list of live streams from their friends. A separate section of live streams that are available for users worldwide will also be available.

Additional Features

  • Filters – To adjust the right temperature of the live video
  • Reactions – Watchers can express more emotions/reactions to a live video

Who Can Maximize This Feature?

Everyone! From normal people who want to share their daily adventures, to news agencies that cover breaking news, to musicians who want to share their live performances, and many more.

When’s The Update?

The expected update, both on Android and Apple, will be rolled out in stages and will take a couple of weeks to complete.

An Algorithm-Based Instagram Timeline is Coming



Instagram, the photo and video-sharing app, announced today that they are currently testing an algorithm-based timeline for their users to see the moments they care about first.

This is a massive change following Facebook and Twitter’s prior decisions to alter the way their users see their timeline feed. The photos and videos in Instagram will no longer appear in chronological order. Instead, the timeline feed will now prioritize the posts you might care about the most.

This algorithm considers the relationship with the person posting, the timeliness of the post, as well as the existing engagement with the person posting. Other posts will still appear – just in a different order.

Social media marketers conclude that today’s social media game is all about engagement. The more you engage with a user, the higher your chance of appearing in their timeline feed.

This change, according to Instagram, will improve user experience because people often miss 70% of important posts. So, whether or not users will give this update a thumbs up or not remains to be seen.