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What Website Designers Can Learn from a Pro Card Player

Designing a website is like playing poker. Wait, what? We know this sounds absurd but there are things that a website designer and a business owner can actually learn from playing poker when it comes to doing custom web design in San Jose, California.

Let us give you one great example. Visualize the process where a poker player predicts their opponent’s next move given the cards on the table. This process is highly similar when the internet marketer tries to find out the most ideal strategy in optimizing a website given its gained traffic, reviews and links.

Want to know more? Here are four other resemblances of designing/managing a website and playing the popular card game: Continue reading “What Website Designers Can Learn from a Pro Card Player”

A Dozen Reasons Why You Should Bother Having a Website for Your Business

Establishing a business in a competitive market requires a lot of planning, prudent budget allocation, and a thick slice of being wise especially in weighing available options. With most small business owners having a limited budget, they have surely thought of which platform to capitalize first in marketing their enterprise – Facebook or own website? Continue reading “A Dozen Reasons Why You Should Bother Having a Website for Your Business”

Losing Profit from Your Ecommerce Website? Better Consider Redesigning Your Website

Some websites nowadays still take some time to go live even when the tools for website creation in San Diego are now cheaper, faster and way easier to use. Also, some services are still expensive to the point that it drains the budget of the business owner. That is why most website owners are contemplating on whether redesigning their website is a good choice to make.

In today’s digital and website design industry, there are a plethora of options as well as platforms to choose from. In fact, business owners can now have a website even if they are not completely familiar with coding. Even though they can always take the CMS (content management system) route in order to significantly decrease their overall cost, they will surely miss a very important aspect.

Business website owners should think that if all their competitor websites take the same route, then how would their website stand out and gain traction in the web? They should be aware that following a cookie cutter approach will not do any good when it comes to making some noise in the web. So, if you certainly want to have a more successful brand development in San Diego, CA that would flourish longer, regard taking a unique and personalized website redesign. Continue reading “Losing Profit from Your Ecommerce Website? Better Consider Redesigning Your Website”

5 Qualities of a Hire-worthy Web and Graphic Designer

The proficiency of a web and graphic designer in Sacramento, California is not only measured by their skills in using various designing software. In fact, professional designers are known to go beyond the software limitations and also excel in different related fields. Even though their skillfulness and competence are the top qualities that an employer looks for, they are also evaluated in several other areas

In today’s competitive web design industry, web and graphic designers are also expected to be proficient in communicating with their clients. Additionally, they also need a lot of initiative, as well as the following skill sets. Continue reading “5 Qualities of a Hire-worthy Web and Graphic Designer”

Web Design and Conversion Rates: Things You Need to Know

Business enterprises in Omaha create their own website to provide valuable information to their visitors. Of course, every website has its own objectives such as sharing knowledge or prompting visitors to do something such as availing a service. Today, there are over a billion websites that are live, and each may have a unique style and layout. If you have a website, you are surely aware of its importance in overall brand development in Omaha, Nebraska. But are you aware that the website design can greatly affect your site’s conversion?

This blog post will give you an insight about the significance of having a good website design. Continue reading “Web Design and Conversion Rates: Things You Need to Know”

What Web Designers Can Learn From Poker

Even though it seems odd, when it comes to having a custom web design in Charlotte, North Carolina, both website designers and business owners can learn from strategizing and playing poker. For example, the process of predicting the moves of your opponent is highly comparable to the process applied in optimizing a website where you contemplate its achievement based on gained traffic and reviews.

In detail, here are the other resemblances of the famous card game with web design: Continue reading “What Web Designers Can Learn From Poker”

Web Design Trends for Ecommerce Websites

This year, the web design jobs in Arlington, TX that cover a responsive and mobile-friendly ecommerce website would not be a competitive advantage anymore. Rather, these are a necessity for conducting businesses online. Evidently, this shift in the web design industry would also impose a great effect on how business-to-business (B2B) websites will be designed.

In general, mobile design is continuously becoming a prominent element as it influences the entire ecommerce design. For this reason, provided below are some web design trends that ecommerce stores should expect this 2015. Continue reading “Web Design Trends for Ecommerce Websites”

Five Custom Web Design Terminologies That You Should be Aware of

Similar to any industry that runs within a technical sphere, web design is hazed with loads of buzz words and phrases making it really difficult even for professionals to keep track on what is what. Back then, the web design industry was already suffering from the complexities of having too many technical language and acronyms. What’s more problematic is that, today is much more intricate than before as the frameworks, languages, and tools we utilize on the web have progressed and developed. Provided below is a quick reference to help you familiarize some important terminologies especially when you’re planning to have custom web design.

1.    HTML – HypertText Markup Language, or HTML, is simply the language of the web. To put it plainly, HTML allows designers to give web browsers the instructions on how they should treat a particular content. HTML is comprised of different tags that permit designers to mark up their contents with semantic meaning so that images are imported as images, paragraphs are distinguished as text copies, and so forth.

2.    JavaScript – JavaScript is a scripting language that leaves designers to make interactions in a website page. There are many viable uses of JavaScript today including flash/html5 animation, special visual effects, and the capacity to load new content without the need to reload the entire page.

3.    CSS – Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS, furnish designers a method to produce a visual set of rules that resolve how various elements within a single website page are rendered on screen by different browsers. CSS permits things such as the background, text color, shapes, positions, and sizes of different parts to be set on a page.

4.    Responsive Design – Indeed, responsive web designs are increasingly becoming the standard approach to most web designs given the existence of various devices that can access the internet today. In layman’s terms, a responsive design is one that adjusts to fit to the user’s device so it can effectively display the required content regardless of the device (with varying screen size) that the user use to view it.

5.    Information Architecture – Information Architecture, or IA, is the general term that describes the semantic layout of the content in a website. Therefore, it pertains to how you organize your information while dealing other factors such as the website’s structure, and how your pages will interact with each other within the website.

To know more about these terms, and other relevant ones, an expert firm that provides professional yet affordable website design services will surely be of great assistance.

Why Include Instagram into Your Best SEO Strategy?

Your so-called best seo strategy would be incomplete without taking into consideration the social media signals from various platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, Twitter, and many more. Utilizing these social media platforms has been proven to not only help your main website rank better in search engine result pages (SERPs), but also to improve your brand’s reach at the social level. However if your marketing and SEO schemes still do not include using Instagram, it is never too late to sign up your business. Besides, signing up for an account would not cost you a penny.

Why Integrate Instagram into Your Strategy?

This photo and video-sharing social networking site has managed to gather about 150 million users all over the globe in just a 3-year span. As a matter of fact,

Instagram grew by approximately 23 percent last year (2013). Additionally, there are already 16 billion images that have been shared using this platform. The bottom line is, Instagram holds a very big network of potential clients. Therefore if you truly want to reach out to your target clientele, you should not miss this great opportunity that Instagram has to offer.

However, you should not stop in creating an account, liking photos, and following others. Instagram would only be expedient to your search engine marketing campaign if you have successfully turned your prospective and existing clients into followers. Indeed, gaining quality followers can be a difficult task. Try these foolproof methods to increase your follower database in Instagram:

1.    Post at the right time.

2.    Share Images that your followers could relate to.

3.    Make use of popular and relevant hashtags.

4.    Engage with your followers by hosting contests, asking questions in photo description, and responding to their queries as well.

5.    Learn the art of “soft marketing”.

If you are running out of ideas on what photos to post, you can take inspirations from your own custom graphic designs. In this manner, your clients will realize that your business is consistent within various platforms. As more and more people follow you in Instagram, the higher your chances are in redirecting them into your main site. Needless to say, this is referral and organic traffic combined in one.

Developing a Brand Using Custom Graphic Design: It’s Not Actually That Hard!

Brand development, either for new or existing brands, is definitely a daunting task at first. However, this undertaking will not succeed if you do not initiate the developments of today. If you want to start the project now by designing the identity of the brand, here are some expert tips to help you along the way.

  1. Be strategic from beginning to end. Don’t just create a plan. Rather, draft a strategic one. That being said, draw up a brand strategy in order to compose a set of standards. Later on, you can also use these standards as a guide or gauge as your project advances.

  1. A thorough research has its perks. Although ideas derived from your mere intuition could be instrumental in starting your project, doing an extensive research is much more important. Always remember that every exemplary custom graphic design today is certainly a product of deliberate and exhaustive research. Understand what the brand is about, its history, ethos, and functions. Also, determine the proposed target market, how it wishes to be perceived externally, as well as the outlets and formats of where it desires to promote and market itself.

  1. Check out the competition. Branding is about creating an identity; a distinction from the others. With this, checking out the web and graphic designs of the competition can be advantageous since you would already know what visual styles, color, or typefaces to avoid or improve. This is indeed an essential step which you can integrate into your research process.

  1. Always look at the big picture. Branding is not only about the logo. Despite the fact that a logo normally holds a brand identity together, don’t ignore other separate elements. Always look at the big picture. In detail, determine how all the smaller elements would act and move together as a whole.

  1. Spot what is peculiar about the brand. Lastly, don’t miss the big opportunity of connecting with the people just because you cannot spot what is special about the brand. As mentioned earlier, your research should bring out the features that are unique to your brand.   


Although these tips can be followed easily, you could always turn to a professional firm that offers graphic design and custom web design services. Seeking their professional help and services would not only facilitate in developing your brand, but in creating a visually-appealing design for your website as well.