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#WomenWednesday: Social Media Marketing

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As a way of giving back to our audience who are actively participating in our social media pages, we invited two of these influential women to share their thoughts about social media networking and marketing. Both of these women are running their own enterprises so you will definitely pick up something really valuable from their own experiences.

How Do You Decide on Your Social Media Marketing Objectives?

Miriam Vineyard:

“I choose my social media marketing objectives by what I believe will have the most impact and provoke thought in my clients and followers. I also, maintain strict integrity guidelines to offer non-judgmental marketing.”

Melissa Burness:

“This is difficult for me as I am not a buyer that cares for a “hard” or aggressive sales approach. It is probable that I am the worst at marketing just to avoid “selling”.   I know, not a successful quality in an artist.  My goal is to share my work and to entertain so my main objective is to post my designs and interesting facts about my designs in hopes that others find them visually attractive  and entertaining.”


What’s The Most Important Thing to Keep in Mind in Encouraging Others to Share a Blog Post or Status Update?

Miriam Vineyard:

“I feel the most important thing to keep in mind in encouraging others to share a blog post or status update is that I am honest. I know I have faults, I’ve made mistakes and when I blog or post I’m honest and I write what’s in my heart. If I can reach people on a personal level, they may be more likely to share. Be genuine and interactive with others.”

Melissa Burness:

“The most important thing to keep in mind is that building a following takes time so don’t give up. It is also important to remember your followers are not sitting on their device waiting for your post to happen, they have lives and schedules and will stop by when they can so don’t post a comment on where everyone is or how few likes or comments the post has had.  I think this places the responsibility  of your success on your followers and they begin to see your posts as a task and burden.  It is also so imperative to keep in mind that Facebook takes time to update the “reach” on a post and is not in real time.  Give your post time to reach everyone.”


What’s Your First Course of Action When All Key Metrics have Dropped?

Miriam Vineyard:

“When all the key metrics, or engagement has dropped my first action is to post asking who is seeing me. When that hasn’t worked in the past, I have changed over to a random picture and play on words. I’m also honest about why I am doing what I am doing.  I also am not afraid to seek guidance from other business owners that have gone through similar things.”

Melissa Burness:

“I change up my style and key information. For sales it will be new photos, keywords and descriptions.  I change my post strategy on social media if my metrics drop, different types of posts and information as well as time of day.”


Do You Use Social Media Tools to Help Accomplish Your Tasks?

Miriam Vineyard:

“The only social media tools that I use to help me accomplish tasks are scheduling posts. Occasionally, my mind goes into over drive and I have a lot to say, I write it all out (paper and pen) and then organize my written mess and create as many posts as it takes to get it all out. I do not pay social media sites to boost or sponsor posts. I do, however use ladder or networking groups. I enjoy them as I can promote my business and I get an opportunity to see other businesses pages for products/services that I may need.”

Melissa Burness:

“I use my google account for my many metrics including my website hits and of course Facebook’s page insights are extremely helpful for your Facebook page.”


Any “NINJA” Tips You Care to Share With Us When it Comes to Effective Social Media Management?

Miriam Vineyard:

“I would share with everyone, when it comes to effective social media management, if you can find a company that you trust and believe in let them create your website and manage a portion of your social media sites.  My greatest tips for anyone who has a social media platform for business are: (1) Be who you are, be honest, hold onto your values, let people get to know the real you by being interactive on your page with comments, posts and private messages; and (2) Keep your personal and business page separate. No harm in sharing a business post on your personal page but if all you post personally is your business people tend to stick to only comment on your personal page.”

Melissa Burness:

“I am not sure they are ninja actually they are quite obvious but worth repeating! First and foremost time management.  I am on-line and post the same day and time so that my followers know when to expect information from me. When the social media outlet allows I use the scheduling tool.  I schedule a certain amount of time each day to post and network on social media.  It is important to respect your time and follow your schedule.  The biggest tip I can share is be there for your fellow social networkers!  If you expect others to support you, then you must be dedicated to supporting them!  I am a firm believer that you reap what you sow!”


About the Contributors:

Miriam Vineyard


Miriam Vineyard is the owner of Vineyards of Hope. As a Personal Empowerment Specialist, she work with clients anywhere there is internet or phone service, since everything she do is online. She has a Bachelor’s degree Health Education. Although her company is fairly new, she have been aiding in personal empowerment for over a decade now.

Connect with her in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn as she provides FREE 30-minute sessions!



Melissa Burness

Melissa Burness is the owner of Melbe Creations.

“I find my bliss in the forest, lakes and wildlife of northern Minnesota but adore nature all around the world. My anxieties vanish when I immerse myself in Mother Nature’s world. I immortalize and transform Mother Nature’s awesome creations into images of mesmerizing symmetry through kaleidoscopic mandala art.

I take photos that have varying texture, shapes and colors, digitally crop and reassemble the crops together to create a seamless kaleidoscopic mandala design. One photo can create numerous designs because each cut creates a different geometrical pattern. The finished product can create a pattern that is difficult to recognize the original photo or can enhance the subject of the original photo.

It is my hope that you experience the peace and serenity that I find when you view my work.”

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