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Why Small Business Websites Fail

In today’s competitive business, having a website and integrating an ecommerce solution in Omaha, Nebraska are now required irrespective of the business’ size and operation. However, the road to achieving online success is synonymous to taking risks that can have detrimental and long-term effects. Needless to say, these can be very damaging especially to small businesses with a constricted budget for building a website and establishing an online presence.

So, in order to help small business website owners, here are some of the mistakes to avoid when going online:

#1: Taking the Quick and Easy Path

Of course, you will think that everyone has a website. Therefore, you will feel the urge to jump into the bandwagon without paying close attention to having a digital strategy first. Surely, creating a free website through WordPress or Wix can be very tempting.

As a result, your basic website will eventually get swallowed up in search engine results pages. Your visitors will not have a reason to come back to your website as soon as they acquired your phone number.

As you can surmise by now, taking the quick and easy path is not ideal in establishing a thriving online presence. Your website needs a firm foundation and continuous upkeep such as doing search engine marketing and having a solid Omaha hosting and maintenance service provider. Think of a digital strategy first by considering the current technology, available online marketing schemes, as well as future options.

#2: Focusing Too Much on the Trends

You noticed that your competitor has a really cool website with a parallax web design. Certainly, you will ask your web design company in Omaha to do the same for your website. As a result, you will a have visually-appealing website, but low return on investment. Why? It is mainly because your entire website is probably indexed in a single file, therefore making Google to not recognize each your web page in search results.

Therefore, don’t focus too much on trends. Rather, create a website that matches your business, your niche and target audience. When developing a web design, keep in mind the four fundamentals such as: (1) usability, (2) relevance, (3) white space, and (4) user experience.

#3: Too Cute, Not Professional-looking

Most small business website owners tend to make their website’s appearance as likeable as possible, which normally results to having bright colors and placing image or video that looks “cute.” This is a huge mistake because you are neglecting the input of your web designer. As a result, you will have a personalized website, but an unprofessional-looking one. Therefore, make certain to collaborate with your web designer and developers regarding the most suitable design for your offered products or services.

On top of having a professional-looking website, you should also consider taking call center services in Omaha, Nebraska to support and attend your customer’s needs and inquiries.

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