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Why Neglecting Local SEO is Synonymous to Major Loss?

In Raleigh, North Carolina, there are cafes, towing companies, salons, power washing centers and handyman service providers that everyone can recommend through word of mouth. Nevertheless, even though reputable businesses can gain leads from this kind of recommendation from time to time, search engine optimization specialists in Raleigh recommend taking local online marketing or local SEO.

Most people nowadays are on the go. This means that they seek information from the web using their mobile devices. Gone are the days of browsing the Yellow Pages or newspaper just to find the local business of your interest. Consumers have become information-savvy whenever they are planning to avail a product or service. What’s more is that, they want this information as fast as possible.

The painful reality is, if your local business lacks sufficient online presence, then it is missing a big opportunity.

Why Local SEO?

  1. Statistics – The good thing about the benefits of local SEO is that these are backed with hard facts, case studies and statistics. According to Google Places, 97 percent of consumers nowadays go online when finding a local business. This implies that, with the use of internet, people really intend to shop locally.When it comes to distribution, 90 percent of consumers use search engines, 42 percent visit websites for product/service comparison, and 48 percent visit Yellow Pages and other local directories online. What’s better is that 83 percent of them follow up their research with offline actions such as sending inquiries, making telephone calls, visiting the store, or making a purchase.
  1. Better Visibility in Local Searches – Given the abovementioned data, it is safe to believe that the number of people who look for services or products in or near their area is high. Local SEO will help you reap these opportunities by making your website appear on search engine result pages (SERPs) whenever a consumer carries out a local search.
  1. More Visitors + Better Customer Relationship = Enhanced Reputation – By integrating a sound local SEO plan, your website can climb its way up to the first pages of SERPs. The more visitors it can pull in, the higher its tendency to convert them into actual customer and sales. Also, drawing them into your website is also a great opportunity to improve your relationship with them. Perhaps, convincing them to patronize your brand or to follow your social media account. Nevertheless, all these will help you enhance your brand’s local reputation.

In today’s competition, it is highly advised that you get on with newer marketing techniques. If you are ready to amplify your brand reach within your local area, better contact a Raleigh SEO marketing firm today!

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