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Why Include Instagram into Your Best SEO Strategy?

Your so-called best seo strategy would be incomplete without taking into consideration the social media signals from various platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, Twitter, and many more. Utilizing these social media platforms has been proven to not only help your main website rank better in search engine result pages (SERPs), but also to improve your brand’s reach at the social level. However if your marketing and SEO schemes still do not include using Instagram, it is never too late to sign up your business. Besides, signing up for an account would not cost you a penny.

Why Integrate Instagram into Your Strategy?

This photo and video-sharing social networking site has managed to gather about 150 million users all over the globe in just a 3-year span. As a matter of fact,

Instagram grew by approximately 23 percent last year (2013). Additionally, there are already 16 billion images that have been shared using this platform. The bottom line is, Instagram holds a very big network of potential clients. Therefore if you truly want to reach out to your target clientele, you should not miss this great opportunity that Instagram has to offer.

However, you should not stop in creating an account, liking photos, and following others. Instagram would only be expedient to your search engine marketing campaign if you have successfully turned your prospective and existing clients into followers. Indeed, gaining quality followers can be a difficult task. Try these foolproof methods to increase your follower database in Instagram:

1.    Post at the right time.

2.    Share Images that your followers could relate to.

3.    Make use of popular and relevant hashtags.

4.    Engage with your followers by hosting contests, asking questions in photo description, and responding to their queries as well.

5.    Learn the art of “soft marketing”.

If you are running out of ideas on what photos to post, you can take inspirations from your own custom graphic designs. In this manner, your clients will realize that your business is consistent within various platforms. As more and more people follow you in Instagram, the higher your chances are in redirecting them into your main site. Needless to say, this is referral and organic traffic combined in one.

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