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Which Should I Use, Flash or HTML 5 for Animation?

When animation of webpage graphics are concerned, most web developers face the question “which should I use, Flash or HTML 5 for animation?”. Web development companies take animation parameters under consideration when providing their clients with graphic design services. The best way to go about selecting which animation platform to use is to look at the pros and cons of each. That is exactly what is listed below.

Age of technology

• Adobe Flash is what is classified as a mature technology and has proven its reliability over the years and has been the platform of choice for many multimedia applications due to its stability and feature-rich qualities.

• HTML 5 is a new technology that is still under development but is thought as the future technology. As it is now, features are standards are subject to change making it less reliable. Also, because it is new, there are few online support and development tools available.

Graphic Complexity

• Flash makes use of powerful algorithms that make various special effects, as well as complex 3D graphics, accessible to web developers. These algorithms also provide a smooth, expressive graphical experience.

• HTML 5 can also handle various visual effects but become limited when it comes to complex graphics such as 3D.

OS Platform

• Flash is optimized for good performance on most Window platforms, but cannot perform as good with OS like Mac and Linux.

• HTML 5 may not perform comparatively well on Window platforms, but is the platform of choice on OS like Mac and Linux.


• Flash requires the device and OS to be Adobe Flash Player compatible for the application to run.

• HTML 5 is natively supported by web browsers band can run without a player.

Take note that it changes on the unique standards of the web browser used which may cause discrepancies.

iOS Compatibility

• Flash is not compatible with iOS devices such as smartphones and tablets.

• HTML 5 is compatible with iOS devices such as smartphones and tablets which are proving to be the trend today and in the near future.

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