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Where Do Call Center Services Fit In Web Development Solutions?

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A common misconception about call center agents and their services is that they only do one thing, and that is to pick up phones and recite a script to the caller. But in reality, they play a much bigger role than that. In fact, they play an important role in web development. But you might be thinking, web development is exclusive only to programmers. Web programming is a web programmer’s job. Web development, on the other hand, has more participants involved, and that includes call center agents. Now you might be asking, what is a call center agent’s role in web development? In order to answer that, we need to know what are the services that call center agents provide and how they fit in web development solutions.

  1. Virtual Office – Let’s say your business has gotten hugely popular and a lot of new customers are pouring in, but you are too busy to cater to all of your customers and need an extra set of hands. The dilemma here is that you would have to hire new employees and provide office supplies and a space where they can work. Doing this means that you would need to spend a lot of money. With outsourcing, you wouldn’t have to worry about hiring new employees and spending lots of money on office space and supplies. Call center agents can help you manage business transactions virtually which costs less.
  2. Customer Service – This is the role of a call center agent you might be familiar with. This is where call center agents do the ‘pick up phones and answer customer call’ thing. They provide web support to clients through calls, offering them solutions to issues that they may be having with your website or online services.
  3. Technical Support Service – Much like customer service, call center agents who work as technical support provide web solutions to customers but through non-voice channels such as chat or email. Issues and problems given by customers are then recorded by tech support for web development solutions in the future.
  4. Business to Business (B2B) Telemarketing – call center services also include telemarketing. This is where business to business telemarketing professionals represent you in front of your clients. They learn as much as they can about your business in order for them to present it to potential partners and clients.

Now you might be asking “what do these call center services have to do with web development solutions?” In order to come up with web solutions, the first things to know are the feedbacks or the problems that need to be fixed. Call center services such as the customer service, technical support service, and business to business telemarketing gather feedback, comments, suggestions, and issues regarding the business, the site, and its interaction with the clients. And with that, you may now be asking “where can I get these services?” The answer is Silver Connect Web Design, we offer superior products in terms of web development and call center services at a  lower cost. Know how to enhance your website’s popularity now! Give us a call at (713)474-1695 and (713)623-1082 during weekdays, and (443)451-1888 on weekends. Let us help you grow and manage your business the smart way.


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