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What Website Developers do? (In human language)

Consulting a specialist in web development would make your job easier when you’re having a hard time on product/app/website development, web hosting and maintenance as well as other related services. To save you from their explanation process (which will burn your brain into a crisp just by listening) in case you want to hire these professionals, we’ve provided a summary of what they do to make your project successful and how they do it below.

1. Project Planning:

This level consists of figuring out what the project goals are, conducting a feasibility study concerning the client and identifying the most effective web development solutions for your project. Various variables such the cost of the project, your budget, practicality etc. are also discussed in this phase. This phase is what I’m talking about, the dreaded explanation process.

2. System Prerequisite Analysis

If phase one is the concept phase, this second cycle is what we call refined or finalized concept phase. Basically both parties have finished defining the goals of the project.

3. System Design

This is where web graphic design comes in. And as we know graphic design, it’s the process wherein screen layouts, process diagrams and other design stuffs are discussed.

4. Implementation

Let’s avoid frying our own brains out here. We’ll just simply define this phase as the back-ending process. This phase is the very reason why developers exist.

5. Testing

Your website undergoes multiple tests against bugs and errors from multiple testing softwares. No one wants their brand names misspelled –that’s just an exaggeration but you get the point right?

6. Activation

Basically this is the phase wherein your developer will be asking you if you’re ready to launch your website and that you’re fully satisfied. And if you are, they’ll launch your website right that instant.

7. Hosting and Maintenance

There’s no such thing as permanent, eternal or perfect in this world. All things have imperfections and to prevent this from happening, maintenance is required. Yes! You’re correct. Website hosting and maintenance is needed too and not just cars, houses etc.

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