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What Website Designers Can Learn from a Pro Card Player

Designing a website is like playing poker. Wait, what? We know this sounds absurd but there are things that a website designer and a business owner can actually learn from playing poker when it comes to doing custom web design in San Jose, California.

Let us give you one great example. Visualize the process where a poker player predicts their opponent’s next move given the cards on the table. This process is highly similar when the internet marketer tries to find out the most ideal strategy in optimizing a website given its gained traffic, reviews and links.

Want to know more? Here are four other resemblances of designing/managing a website and playing the popular card game:

#1: Calculating the Odds

In the card game poker, every turn can yield different results. Hence, it would be a big mistake for players to assume that the other players always have a good pair of cards, because this kind of mentality would only hamper their chances of winning. The same idea also applies to web designers who always worry about their final outputs. These unnecessary anticipations would only limit their imagination, as well as creativity. This is where they will need to weigh in the odds. Website designers should be familiar with the latest trending designs, and those that are deemed radically unique and original.


#2: Research + Observation

Professional players of poker do some background check about their opponents, before they enter the tournament. For seasoned players, it is necessary for them to learn the strengths and weaknesses of their possible opponents. Within the website creation and designing context, research is a crucial and imperative process to specifically know the needs of the target clientele. This, in turn, would help them to offer the most suitable marketing message for their prospects.


#3: Chipping in Wisely

A lot of web designers today are eager to display their skills by filling up every single space with various design elements. Unfortunately, this usually leads to having a cluttered design which is hard to navigate. If there is one thing that designers can learn from poker in this aspect, that would be to start small. A wise poker player always starts small and never risks betting all chips without assessing the chances of success first.


#4: A/B Testing

Pro poker players usually do an analysis of how their opponents handle a certain hand during the tournament. They will use this analysis in testing out different tactics, until they achieve a specific objective.

In the context of web design, A/B testing is the creation of two different webpages (normally landing pages) to see which of them attracts more traffic and has lower bounce rate. Once a certain goal in terms of these factors is achieved, the designer will then focus on improving the design of that specific page.


Even your professional website design firm in San Jose, California will surely be surprised by these resemblances!

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