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What Web Designers Can Learn From Poker

Even though it seems odd, when it comes to having a custom web design in Charlotte, North Carolina, both website designers and business owners can learn from strategizing and playing poker. For example, the process of predicting the moves of your opponent is highly comparable to the process applied in optimizing a website where you contemplate its achievement based on gained traffic and reviews.

In detail, here are the other resemblances of the famous card game with web design:

Calculating Probability

In poker, every round can produce different results. Therefore, a player must not presume that his opponents always have a good hand because this outlook can only prevent him from grabbing a winning opportunity. The same goes with designers who always worry too much about their final design outputs. These terrible anticipations would only confine their creativity and imagination. This is where calculating the probability enters the picture. So, learn the trending designs and those that are viewed as radically new and original.

Research and Observation

Professional poker players conduct a research before entering any tournament. For experienced players, it is imperative to find out the strengths as well as weakness of their opponents. In the context of website creation and designing, research is an important process to pinpoint the specific needs of the target market. Subsequently, this process would help them offer the most suitable user interface for their visitors.

Start Meekly

A lot of web designers are aggressive in placing up different design elements within a single space, which often result to complicated designs that are difficult to navigate. If there’s a lesson that designers could learn from poker with regards to this is that they should start small. A smart poker player always starts meekly and never risks all his chips without fully assessing the probability of success.

A/B Testing

Most professional poker players take note of their own analysis about their opponents’ hands during tournament. They will use this analysis in trying out several variations and tactics until they accomplish a certain goal.

In web design, A/B testing is the process of creating two different web pages to see which of them attracts more traffic. Once the sought after traffic level is attained, then the designer could focus designing on one particular page.

These are some of the things you can learn from a game of poker in relation to web designing. If you want to start your own web design project but have no idea how to, you can always turn to seasoned website design firm in Charlotte, North Carolina for a more expert help.

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