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What to Do First: Create a Website or a Facebook Page?

So, you made up your mind to establish a formidable presence online for your starting or already growing business. One side will strongly suggest that website creation in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma should be the primary move, while the other side tells you that setting up a Facebook page is a more practical choice.

What will you choose?

Without a doubt, you are not the only business owner in the world who went through such plight. As a matter of fact, both of these are great options and are necessary for a thriving business. Nevertheless, you need to pick one that you will assign a higher priority. This choice is somehow crucial especially for startups, because it will direct their path of success in marketing their business online.

Facebook Page

Facebook has made it quite easy for any user to create a business page. You can actually set-up a page in less than five minutes. All you need to do is sign-up, fill in necessary information, and draft witty posts, and you could be posting within just hours. Needless to say, social media platforms like Facebook provide businesses with an unparalleled convenience in reaching their target audience, promoting their products/services, and popularizing their brand as a whole. In addition, a Facebook page will also allow business enterprises to improve their client relations without spending too much on marketing.

Nevertheless, the best web development company in Oklahoma City will strongly suggest business owners to regard creating their own website in pursuing their long-term business plan.

Here’s the reason why:

The Website

Let’s face it, even when you have your own Facebook page, you don’t essentially “own” it. Facebook can change its regulations, policies, lose their data, or shut down their operation in the future – all at their own will. In addition, not all your target customers are on Facebook. For example, most Facebook users in the United States are women aged 18 to 25 years old. What if your business caters to children or men’s apparel?

Furthermore, unlike a website URL, flaunting a Facebook URL to your prospective clients does not deliver a professional tone. Some clients actually prefer dealing with businesses that have their own website. Therefore, having your own “online portal” is vital on how your business will be perceived by your prospects.

Although a Facebook page will cost you nothing, creating your own website is not as pricy as you think. A lot of companies offer professional yet pocket-friendly web development solutions in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Take advantage of these services because they are definitely worth the investment. Once you have your own “,” your business is ready to take the successful and lucrative path.

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