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What is Web Hosting For?

In a nut shell, web developers provide web hosting as means to launch the website into the web so that anyone can access it. There are many services that fall under web hosting which most web development companies offer to their clients. Usually, it is easier to define and understand the term “web hosting” when the services are explained.

Speaking of services, this section provides a list of possible services that anyone who wishes to have a website can avail of from a web development company. However, web hosting only includes but is not limited to those seen below.

Domain Registration. A unique domain name must be created, verified and registered with the World Wide Web. This means that a one of a kind name should be provided, checked to see that it is indeed one of a kind, and registered, i.e Why? The reason is much like the reason why parents give names to their children; it is for identity sake.

Website Serving. Here is when the unique domain name is taken and used to generate a uniform resource locator for the website. This is more commonly known as the url or web address. It is that which globally recognizes the resource and acts as the reference to the website in question.

Building Tool App. Website building tools or applications are needed to create and publish the content of any website. The most commonly used tools are blog tools, such as WordPress and the like, and CMS Integration or the Content Management System application, both of which web developers are familiar with.

Email@domain. Most corporations require convenience when it comes to emails. This is achieved by having the domain name within the email address. For example, – in this way, employees can easily be contacted via email within the company and, at the same time, makes it easier for users to remember the email address in case they want to contact the company through email.

Other. There are other web hosting services as well, such as online data backup and web support of chat and/or voice services.

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