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What is the Future of Web Design?

As you might notice by now, the web environment today has become unbelievably powerful and very useful. Apparently, the professional yet affordable website design in Washington, D.C. and across the globe have contributed to a large chunk to this success by gradually removing the distinction between desktop and mobile designs, which subsequently create a better online environment for all people irrespective of their devices.

For this reason, web designers and developers have come into consensus that the future of web design is indeed mobile. However, expert designers also asserted that it should also be scalable.

The Combination of Mobile and Desktop

For the past years, the emergence of responsive designs for website has been the biggest trend in the industry. Even so, its development firstly showed a sharp difference between desktop and mobile websites, with applications becoming a standard for websites. For a moment there, browser websites seemed not to be the future of mobile devices. However, with the monumental developments in mobile hardware, together with the growth in new responsive design techniques, the gap between mobile and desktop devices has been connected. This makes it possible for web developers to add mobile capabilities to old websites with ease.

Carefully Choosing the Hierarchy of Information

Today, it is imperative for web developers to focus on the main factors that concern both the users and browsers. A website that relies heavily on JavaScript in terms of design and content would fail when people visit it through a browser that does not support JavaScript. Hence, the key to efficient scaling of websites is to first understand what browser your target audience is normally using.

The next step to concentrate on is the information hierarchy and how it is comprehended both by search engines and users. As an example, a basic design structure that decently considers hierarchy to heart is a content that is reinforced by the website’s design styles.

How to Avoid Having a Totally Different Mobile Website Design?

When you think of the different browsers that do not have the features you want, you might start to consider creating a mobile website that is different from the desktop version. Luckily, there are handy solutions to help cross-browser rendering – Fluid layouts and Media Query function. The former helps designers to move from a desktop screen all the way up to a high-res television, while the latter helps developers in scaling down beyond laptops without changing too much the whole layout. Thus, the future of web design is scalability.

Washington custom web design companies are no longer compelled to create a desktop and mobile sites separately. Rather, they can now develop mobile websites that could easily fit on any screen resolution and device.

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