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What is a Hashtag? Is It Important?

One of the search engine marketing strategies that several online businesses are utilizing today is social networking especially with the billions of people who are part of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and other similar sites. However, when a company or person creates an account in such social networks, questions are raised and several among them are related to the symbol “#”, which has become popularly known as a “hashtag.”

So what exactly is a hashtag? Is it useful?

This is a word that is preceded by the symbol “#” and yes, it is useful and not simply used for fun. This serves to connect related topics together to make it easier for readers to find content of the same subject matter. This has also become one of the web development solutions that online companies use to promote their products and services. Once a word is hashtagged, this will be seen by account users of that particular networking site. Even non-followers will be able to view it, making it an excellent means of promoting or sharing information.

While everyone can actually make use of a hashtag because it is generally easy to use, there are still certain reminders that need to be kept in mind.

1. Keep your tweets or posts simple and neat. It is advisable to have not more than three hashtags. Do not over do it as this will make your tweet difficult to read. In some instances, others might brand you as a spammer. It is best to concentrate on the particular content you want your readers to visit.

2. Come up with unique hashtags. While it is not really prohibited to make use of existing ones, utilizing such might cause confusion among your readers. Some may also be using the exact line as their username which will cause more confusion. Thus, it would be wise to do a search on the social platform you are using so that you come up with something new.

3. If you want to engage on a certain discussion and share other related topics that readers might be interested in, then you can use the same existing hashtag. This is like saying, “Hey, I really find this discussion interesting and I came across a topic related to
this that might interest you.”

4. Be careful with the format. In hashtagging, there is no need for word spacing. If your keyword is “epoxy flooring” then it should appear as #EpoxyFlooring and not as #Epoxy #Flooring because this would indicate two separate keywords: “epoxy” and “flooring.”

5. Do not try to cheat just to grab some attention. Never place an unrelated topic to a hashtag because this will elicit inappropriate responses or readers may even report you as a spammer. Now, you would not want that, would you? It does pay to be honest!

These are some simple reminders that will give you a head start in utilizing hashtags. This is a very useful method in organizing messages on social networks and a great SEO marketing strategy in promoting one’s brand or business.

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