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Website Graphic Design Trends That Will Disappear in 2014

What most people aren’t speaking about, but ought to be, would be the types of design trends that are on their way out, which ones ought to be omitted and those that are unlikely to be seen again. You should update your site and remove these styles before you lose all your web design jobs:

Sliding Banners

It seemed like a great idea once upon a time. Most people, however, find them more distracting and annoying than anything else, thus they’re falling rapidly in favor of more truly interactive and less showy design, such as single-page scrolling and basic drop-down menus.

Extensive Fill-Out Forms

Getting a user’s information is essential for an web based business, regardless if it’s an e-commerce site or a simple blog that has a contact form. Asking tons of questions only serves to alienate possible customers, and fortunately website developers seem to be realizing that.

Circular Script Logos

Using a script font within a circle, be it outlined or filled in, monogram or full title, used to be cool, but so many people used this look. People became completely burned out by it.

Flash Intros

Remember these eye-catchers? Flash intros can still be found here and there on ostentatious and out of touch websites that haven’t updated their appearance, however for the most part individuals have shifted on to simple design and limited features.

Too Many Fonts

Typography is important, and fun to play with, yet it’s crucial that you exhibit restraint when using it. It’s particularly obvious when someone without graphic design experience develops a site, as they tend to complicate it.

Complicated Design

If you thought having loads of icons, design components, fonts and attributes means you have an exciting and interactive site, you could be right, but the look and feel is overwrought and overpowering. Since design trends advance, they’re transferring away from complex to simple browsing experience.

Though some of these features were once amazingly famous, they’ve endured the ultimate fate of rising to the top: total saturation. And that means fatigue. Web developing companies’ piece of advice –avoid using them this coming year.

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