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Website Development Tips: Creating Savvy Home Page Design

Contrary to the mainstream idea, home page design is not just about headers, footers, and content. Rather, it is also about asking the right questions and ensuring that those questions are fit to your target audience. Moreover, it is also about determining the best solutions to problems. The challenge however, according to professional web developing companies, is how to bring all of them together within an organized and savvy design.

One of the few concerns of website owners when it comes to their homepage is how it will become memorable to both first-time and regular visitors. In detail, they surely want their visitors to explore their entire website or dig into their content once they hit the home page. The more important concern is, how they can subtly convince website visitors to contact them by inquiry form, phone, or email.

If you have the same concerns, then read on! Provided below are some quirky tips on how your home page design can hook your site visitors.

Focus on Your Visitors’ Needs and Wants

Forget about how your homepage will look “cool” because the trend nowadays when it comes to having a great user interface is about catering the needs and wants of website visitors. Really, thriving business websites today place their target market at the core of their website development and design phases. This entails that you should steer away from the conventional mindset of designing a website based on your own needs. Instead, prioritize your target audience for they are the ones who will keep your business running.

Keep the Number of Design Elements to Minimum

Although you want your home page to show off what your business has to offer, it is highly advisable to minimize the quantity of design elements present in your home page. Prudently plan which elements you want to emphasize as soon as your visitors land into your home page. Having a lot of stuff in the home page will not only make it look cluttered, but worse, they will severely slow down its loading time. As much as possible, keep only the essential elements in your website header, core home page, and website footer.


Although designing your home page can be really tricky and painstaking at times, always keep in mind your very purpose of creating a website- to offer your product/service to your target clientele. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize the needs, wants, and preference of your website visitors in order to convert them into actual customers. If you still need help in achieving this given the above-mentioned tips, you could always turn to a professional web development and designing company like silver connect web design. Truly, their expert services will be a good head start for your business enterprise.

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