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Web Graphic Design Trends – What’s Hot and What’s Not?

The spread of today’s newest trends in web graphic design grows like a wildfire that the basic rules of thumb have been going through a lot of drastic changes. In the past few years since Google updated its algorithms, most of the web developing companies are finding a new implementation of something ‘cool’ every month or so in order to catch up with the increasing demand for content and usability. Unfortunately, not all trends are applicable to a client and these have their drawbacks as well which is why, it is important for a graphic designer or web developer to weigh in the following anticipated trends and decide on which of these are hot and what are not.

Fonts for the Eye

One important aspect that those involved in web design jobs should consider is selecting the font that suits the eye. While colors and images are typically the most important features in developing your sites, web typography can be a do-or-die visual element especially that more and more websites are now into artistic font use which is also made available for print usage. This way, designers are having an easy task of enhancing the flow of the page through a variety of options.

On the other hand, the utilization of these creative fonts may give you trouble when used too much. Putting many fancy fonts in one page can rather make it appear as a festive page of letters than one that attracts the attention of your audience. It may not also be very readable so pretty fonts should be better reserved for headers or any other that needs emphasis.

Less is more

Little texts accompanied with striking images can create curiosity among your target market and can make an impression in just a matter of seconds. Minimalist design also came into being since most ecommerce sites are right after a well-organized and clean navigation while emphasizing on the website’s usability. Unnecessary elements are taken away to allow readers to enjoy their visit because the main goal of conveying your message through unique content should still be the first thing in mind.

Interaction is Key

The craze for HTML5 is on its peak these days since this HTML standard plus CSS3 has been pushed as an alternative to Flash. Offering simpler and refiner codes, graphic designers and web developers are capable of including interactive elements such as animation, buttons, and games for users’ richer experience. And to further help users find what they need or want, other websites are introducing a series of questions on Netflix. However, keeping these features should still be minimal so that clients do not need to go through buffering loading sites.

The above web graphic design trends may or may not work on all sites. It mainly depends on whether you would go with the flow or ignore these changes. Whichever way you choose, always remember to do the most that you can and make people pay attention and stay when they visit your site.

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