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Web Design Trends for Ecommerce Websites

This year, the web design jobs in Arlington, TX that cover a responsive and mobile-friendly ecommerce website would not be a competitive advantage anymore. Rather, these are a necessity for conducting businesses online. Evidently, this shift in the web design industry would also impose a great effect on how business-to-business (B2B) websites will be designed.

In general, mobile design is continuously becoming a prominent element as it influences the entire ecommerce design. For this reason, provided below are some web design trends that ecommerce stores should expect this 2015.

#1: Hidden Menus

It is becoming a trend in mobile design that some necessary and common website elements are hidden until the visitors need them. For this reason, hidden menus (also known as “hamburger menus” because of the appearance of the icon used) have gained unprecedented popularity.

#2: For Large Screens: Responsive Design

As mentioned earlier, responsive designs have become a requirement for ecommerce websites.  This “requirement” is even being reinforced by the existence of smart televisions, gaming consoles, and other high-resolution devices that are being transformed into an internet-enabled ones. For this reason, responsive designs are needed to cater clients who are utilizing these devices to make a purchase.

#3: Large and Flexible Typography

In web graphic design, particularly within the context of responsive design, a lot of designers believe that next year will be a notable year for flexible and large typography. Why? This is because of the fact that more and more consumers nowadays are preferring the use of fonts to increase the ecommerce website’s usability. Gone are the days when fonts are mainly for decoration purposes only.

#4: Noticeable Photography

Even though the speed and loading response of a website are increasingly becoming crucial in today’s web standards, a lot of developers and designers still opt for having large images because of the improved responsive design techniques as well as adaptive images to compensate for. Undoubtedly, these big catchy images substantially help ecommerce website not only to attract more customers, but to also sell more products/services. Consequently, expect to see more ecommerce stores sporting relatively large images in their websites.

#5: Video Content

In marketing a complicated product or service, a detailed video would surely go a long way in the end of your consumers. Therefore, anticipate that some ecommerce website will make use of videos in their blogs, product detail pages, definitely in their YouTube channel, or even as a background in their home pages.

If you want your ecommerce store to have any of the aforementioned trends this year, feel free to ask professional agencies that offer expert web design in Arlington, Texas.

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