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Web Design 101: Simplicity and Its Benefits

When it comes to web designing, several designers become so absorbed with the whole process that sometimes they overdo things. Especially with the increasing competition, they tend to add every element they know just so they can say their site has everything. However, in this game, simplicity helps. This does not mean being minimalist in your design aesthetics that you create a bare and dull-looking website but more on keeping it simple yet interesting, engaging and substantial, and elegant. There are several benefits of a having a simple and clear approach to web designing and these include:

1. Easier Navigation

Simple websites have simple navigation menus that does not cause confusion or get audience lost in your website. Admit it, one of the most infuriating things about certain websites are their complex navigation menus that lead you to nowhere. If you take your time to develop a simple navigational experience for your users, you will receive a positive feedback through more frequent revisits.

2. Faster Loading Time

Simple web deigns usually result to smaller file sizes. Smaller files load faster compared to those that have tons of complicated codes! Faster loading time enhances user experience and this increases the chance of web users browsing through the other pages of your site. If they have a good experience, they will also likely recommend your site to others, boosting your SEO marketing strategy!

3. Less Server Space, Cost-efficient

Smaller files do not only load faster but these also take up less server space unlike a complex site with too much codes that can even clog bandwidth and be heavy on expenses especially if it has several pages with all sorts of plug-ins. When you have lots of content and an established number of visitors, it would be wise to come up with a simple website because this will bring in the same traffic but at a much lower cost, adding to your savings.

4. Makes Your Life Easier

First, a simple website is easier and quicker to design and build. Having a site with a simple layout and typography, and one or two templates requires lesser effort and time than one with complex layout and typography and several sections of different templates! Secondly, if your codes are simplified, it would be easier to find what is wrong with it if an error arises.Just a thought, it would be a waste to have all those design elements when the page itself would not open due to an error you cannot locate. If your website is too complicated and something goes wrong, finding the culprit isn’t easy and may take time to find!

These are some of the benefits of having a simple website design but bear in mind that simplicity means being focused on the more essential aspects of your site while providing a better physical and aesthetic user experience. If you plan to hire a web design firm for such a task, make sure that there is constant communication so that you can freely express your concerns. Remember, simplicity rules!

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