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Warning Signs of an Incompetent SEO Company

Employing an incompetent search engine optimization company in Indianapolis, IN can cause substantial harm to your business enterprise. What’s worse is that, hiring an SEO agency in the city can be really tricky especially if you do not understand the technical aspects of how SEO works. Poor SEO will be unsuccessful in attracting targeted traffic and/or will make the online visibility of your website go down.

So, with the intention to help you in the process of selecting a qualified SEO firm, here are some warning signs that you should keep an eye for:

  1. Their Promises are Too Good to Be True – If an SEO agency assures that your website will achieve the #1 ranking upfront, then better move to your next candidate. Although reaching the top spot is achievable, you must know that SEO is part science, part art. No one knows the specific requirements for ranking #1 because the algorithm of search engines are too vague for any SEO company to make an absolute guarantee, especially in just a short period.
  1. Their Explanations are Incomprehensible – As much as possible, avoid search engine companies in Indianapolis that do not help you understand what they are doing. Oftentimes, some agencies will only discuss the coverage of their SEO packages – nothing more. They will not bother to help you gain an understanding on what they are about to do with your website. Needless to say, these unscrupulous firms do not deserve your investment. Qualified SEO companies should be able to explain how the entire process works to non-technical people like you.
  1. They Boast Too Many Clients – Although having many clients is not a bad thing, you should ask the SEO firm first how many clients they are currently servicing. As much as possible, pick a company that has no more than five or six clients at once. Why? So that they can focus on your SEO campaign and can provide some quality work.
  1. They Highlight Metadata, Submissions and Listings in their Proposal – Although creating a sufficient amount of inbound links, and making sure that the meta title, description, and tags are optimized, keep in mind that a thriving SEO campaign nowadays requires effective PR/content marketing; not to mention, a little bit of viral marketing. So, if the company’s SEO proposal revolves solely around metadata and linking, better skip them out.

In reality, it is quite difficult to find out on the spot whether the SEO firm is a qualified or incompetent one. However, these four red flags would somehow help you filter out those bad ones, and determine those who deserve to handle your search engine optimization and marketing campaign in Indianapolis.

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