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Warning Signs for Search Engine Optimization Agencies

Search engine optimization is a crucial part in the website business. It is what keeps a website alive in the World Wide Web. This means that a reliable search engine  optimization agency or consultant should be reliable and skilled. How can one be sure? To help clients who are looking for an SEO agency or consultant, here is a list of warning signs to look out for.

First warning: Faulty references. SEO consultants will always have reference to trusted sources. If the references to supposed experts are unknown or vague, then it is a sign. Good reference sources will be open to the public.

Second warning: Specific keyword frequencies. It is true that keywords should be used
within the content so that search engines can recognize it as relevant. However, the keywords should be included in such a way that seems natural and entertains or caters
to the interest of the reader.

Third warning: Over excessive directory submission. Search engine optimization does
aim to raise visibility, but the promise of over excessive directory submission is not
the way to do it. The result will only mean more effort as this submission includes directories that are worthless.

Fourth warning: Link buying agenda. While having inbound links both organic and inorganic are crucial, buying links should not be the main focus. The focus should be
more on acquiring good links from efficient marketplaces.

Fifth warning: Social site shortcuts. Social sites do help visibility but if drones are suggested to be used to bring about traffic, this isn’t the way to go. This might actually
result in the URL being banned.

Sixth warning: Tricks. There are many shifty tricks that can be used in tricking the search engines that do not make for a good SEO campaign in the long run. These tricks include putting hidden text on pages, redirecting users to a completely different site, offering different content to search engines, etc.

Seventh warning: Complicated explanations. As the client is not an SEO expert, explanations of strategies and concepts should be simple, understandable and not complicated. This complication might be a trick in “pulling the wool over the eyes”.  There is nothing wrong with making sure that the SEO agency will deliver proper and
good service. So stay smart and alert.

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