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Video Integration in Web Design

Roughly 80 percent of Las Vegas-based marketers nowadays utilize videos in their materials and in their website. This means that the people designated to do web design jobs in Las Vegas, Nevada are necessitated to back up their efforts. Although good content is necessary for every website, business website owners are missing a valuable performance metric if they haven’t thought of integrating videos yet. Some of these metrics include the average time spent by visitors in a web page and of course, conversion rate.

The Importance of Having Videos on Top of Other Web Design Elements

However, you should be aware that integrating videos is not a surefire method. Some websites can be effective in this area, while some can get barely fair results. Why? This is where the concept of usability comes in. Some websites fail because they provide poor user experience. This is mainly because their key web pages load too slowly. If this is the case, the web designers should be able to mix and match videos with other web design elements to avoid making the page too bombarded and causing it to lag. This way, you are still providing visual pleasure to visitors without sacrificing your website’s response time.

Video Integration

Generally, integrating video in the web design is not rocket science. You are not actually required to do so much research to flawlessly incorporate videos into your design. However, because of the lack of available open source library to synchronize videos with animations, your web designers must use CSS keyframes, transitions, or JavaScript animation.

Thoroughly, your designers should execute the following:

  • Define the API (Application Programming Interface) – If you are working on a small project, it is advisable for your designer to stick with a single CSS animation. If you are going to pursue this, your designer should define the API first to see how other people would make use of the library to write the JavaScript.
  • Host the Videos – After defining the API, the next step is to host the video. In doing so, the web designer should make certain that they are not embedded with Flash or Silverlight. Why? It is mainly because videos embedded with such technology would only limit the design options, hence also limiting you to become creative.

Indeed, having videos in your website can do wonders in terms of converting visitors. Whether your website promotes products or services, videos will always be a crucial means to effectively communicate with your visitors. So, if you are planning to look for web developing companies in Las Vegas in the future, make sure to keep in mind the above-mentioned information.

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