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Unfailing Ways to Attract Visitors through Web Design

Website design is an umbrella term that covers a variety of aspects, from basic web development, to more advanced updates and maintenance. Therefore, it is imperative for a professional web and graphic designer in Cleveland, Ohio to create a web design strategy that efficiently combines all necessary elements in order to yield a user-friendly website that effectively attracts traffic and has a minimal bounce rate. For this reason, expert designers firmly believe that it is their duty to focus on the landing page where visitors can decide whether or not to pursue browsing the entire website.

Of course, there are a number of ways on how you can attract visitors, but provided below are the some of the surefire ways to help you achieve such goal:

  1. Good Content and Easy Readability – Keep in mind that most consumers nowadays hop from website to website to look for information that can help them decide whether or not to pursue a purchase. Therefore, it is beneficial if your website sports interesting and informative content that is delivered in a way your visitors can read them easily. Choose easy-to-read fonts that are contrasting with the background. To break down a chunk of texts, make use of headlines, sub headings and bullet points.
  1. Prompt Response Time – This is increasingly becoming a key in web development. If your web pages do not load in a prompt manner, expect that your bounce rate will skyrocket. Thus, make certain that the infrastructure of your website is designed in such a way that all pages load at optimal speed.
  1. HTML5 and CSS3 – Although JavaScript was widely used back then to design websites, designers noticed that it slows down the site which results to not only poor user experience, but also hampers search engine optimization. If you still want your website to have flash/html 5 animation, make sure to use CSS3 and HTML.
  1. Easy-to-follow Search Options and Navigations – To increase your traffic acquisition and to subsequently lower your bounce rate, another good thing your website should have is a simple search option and straightforward navigation. In case you have an ecommerce store, guide every customer promptly until they reach the checkout process.
  1. Incorporate Social Media Buttons – In order to keep your visitors engaged with your website and brand, integrating social media buttons will go a long a way. Besides, you can also use different social media platforms to drive traffic into your website.

If you are having trouble tweaking the following, you can always turn to professional agencies that offer web and graphic design in Cleveland, OH.

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