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Ultimate Search Engine Marketing and Optimization Formula

I guess if you are in the custom graphic designs, SEO and/or SEM industry, then you can relate about how the two cute pets of Google (penguin and panda) wreaking havoc to each of our campaigns at least once or twice. Judging from their main objective, we can all agree that their names should’ve been shark and alligator. When Google dominated all Search Engines, it’s only natural that all businesses on the internet will transfer on Google regardless of how big or small they may be. Below is an outline of undying practices that’ll give you the edge (the good way) against all updates like hummingbird and its future successors when it’s done right:

Social Profile Plays an important Role – Create an online community profile on highly popular social media sites such, Twitter, Facebook and most of all Google+. It is one of the best e-commerce solutions in spreading branding awareness.

Use Google Adwords – This tool is the fastest method in reaching your targeted audience and you’re branding – provided you have the budget for it as it charges money for your search engine marketing campaign.

Use Directories – Get your web site listed on local directories so you can get huge traffic through relevant links. Most of these directories cost nothing and enables you to increase the amount of potential clients.

Go Responsive – Everything your website offers with convenience can be just as convenient on the viewer’s mobile device by making your website responsive.

Use Google Webmaster Tool – a free utility that offers a versatile way of checking a website’s standing on the internet. It allows webmasters check the indexing status of a website and even optimize its visibility.

Begin Blogging Good Relevant Content – Blogging helps create awareness about your business in the minds of customers. It’s even better if you’re able to create a good, relevant and unique content useful to visitors.

It’s a bit tedious isn’t it? Then hire a leading search engine marketing firm if you want to do it right the first-time!

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