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Twitter Broke Down Twice Today

Twitter Broke Down

A lot of Twitter users in Asia, Australia, America, Japan, and Europe experienced difficulty in accessing the social network today at 11:49 pm EST. Other reports said that it might have affected other regions as well. Third party apps, such as Tweetdeck and Tweetchat, remained operational but with limited functionality.

The problem lasted for 15 minutes to more than an hour (in some areas). When the platform became live again, people were discussing the horror, then it went down again at 12:57 am EST.

According to Down Right Now, a website that monitors the status of favorite web services, Twitter has gone through a “likely service disruption.” Twitter folks had nowhere to air out their frustrations but on Facebook and Instagram.


The outage happened during two of the most “historical” moments in the NBA- The Golden State Warriors achieving the most number of wins in a regular season, and the farewell game of Kobe Bryant. Hence, basketball aficionados supposed that those events have brought down Twitter.


The social media giant admitted that they were aware of the problem both in their desktop and mobile sites. The last time Twitter went on a massive outage was in January.

Twitter is up as of this writing.

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