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Tweaking Web Design for a Faster Website Response

For e-commerce merchants in Tennessee, the speed of a website is a crucial aspect especially for sites that are yearning for traffic conversions. However, there are things that website owners cannot do beyond the technical facets of improving the site’s response and loading time. Nevertheless, the faster the website loads and responds, the faster the visitor can sign up or complete their purchase. This is the grand benefit of having a fast website. Lately, web designers and website developers in Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee have been noticing that a lot of websites are doing everything to “look” fast.

Tweaks You Can Do

There are a handful of things you can do or fine tune to make your key web pages appear fast that go outside the purely technical aspect. For instance, the way you line up the fields of a sign-up form, or limit the number of fields, can hugely affect the visitor’s perception for that form.

How? The difference between vertical and horizontal alignment, depending on how you arrange the fields, can make the entire form easier and faster to accomplish. The strategic usage of certain animation can also enhance the idea of your web page being fast and easy to navigate.

Let the old sign-up page of Tumblr be our example. Their sign-up page is actually neat and only composed of four fields including the “Start Posting” button. So the visitors only need to fill-up three fields, namely: (1) their e-mail address, (2) desired password, and (3) desired URL. All these fields are lined up horizontally, which became very effective in visually showing how fast the sign-up form can be completed.

In such a case where the main element on the page you are designing also bears an important call to action (CTA), the faster they can see it, the faster they can also act on it. Well, technically, this is not “faster” in the sense of tracked time. In other words, if the customer sees your form as something easy to fill up, then there is a higher chance that he will actually fill the form up.

As you can see, you can capitalize this altered perception of visitors about the ease of use and speed when designing your key web pages. Taking advantage of this can enhance your chance of converting typical visitors into super fans or better, actual customers. Challenge yourself to regard this idea of perceived speed into your next design project. If you need professional help in this matter, you can always turn to professional companies that provide a broad range of web design and web development services in Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee.

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