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Top Social Media Platforms For Your Search Engine Marketing Campaign

Nielsen Incite reports that 40 percent of consumers use their mobile devices more often just to check their email. The increase in usage of social media platforms has produced billions of registered users which have even influenced companies that offer web development services. Here is a snapshot of the leading platforms that has the power to change the fate of the web this year.

Google+ Will Grow

Google+ now has the second highest number of monthly users. What makes Google+ stand-out is its benefits to both consumers and businesses. B2B marketers are now favoring Google+ as one of their primary tools for their marketing efforts.

LinkedIn Great for Pros

LinkedIn’s Influencer program is gearing up this year. The application enables professionals (prominent LinkedIn members) to post remarkable content and encourage consumers to read, comment, and share Influencer’s information via their own social media networks. According to LinkedIn, there are 300 influencers received an average of 30,000+ views after they’ve used the program. The software allows marketers to measure end-users activity from it and enables Influencers to communicate with visitors instantly from the comment section of posts.

Visual Design Builds Brands

Platforms that concentrate on visual appeal such as Buzzfeed, Pinterest, and infographics have grown increasingly popular simply because their content is easy-to-read enough for consumers to comprehend. Pictures matter more than text to consumers -a picture tells a thousand words as website design service providers say. Register and/or monitor visual social media platforms such as SlideShow, Tumblr, Mobli, Path, and Pinterest. These platforms play a significant role in Social Media.

Video May have the Biggest Effect

Video transmits a powerful message to audiences more than words can. Videos specifically the short ones will continue gaining popularity on social media channels this year. Nearly 60% of marketers are allotting more of their time on videos more today. Video advertising has proven to be an effective marketing strategy for consumers and will continue to be.

Make sure you have accounts and monitoring applications on these trends so you can keep up with your competitors. And remember to link them to your site’s targeted web pages.

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