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Tips to Balance Functionality and Web Design

The aesthetic and technical facets of a good web design in Boston, Massachusetts are frequently deemed as two different and separate entities that must be put into cooperation in order to yield outstanding usability. Web designers and developers should actually work as a single team to accomplish a common set of project objectives by carrying out a few development process strategies.

From web design conceptualization to official go-live date, the designers and developers should work hand-in-hand and should have the same workbench.

  1. Know the Target Audience – Apparently, the very first step to get the hang of balancing the web design and functionality is to realize how your target audience would be using your website. Most web design jobs in Boston, MA are centered on helping the audience achieve their goals when visiting a website – whether they are looking for more information or trying to make a purchase. Therefore, a good website carefully integrates appearance with usability.
  2. Make Sure the Workflow Transition is Smooth – One of the most ignored facets of web development process is the time when the designers hand over the project to developers. Once these teams are segregated, having a shared vision can be really difficult, which can lead to compromising the website’s appearance and functionality. Therefore, loop the developers into the design process to make certain that the transition of workflow is smooth.
  1. Look for New Ways to Implement Design Ideas – There will come a point where the designer could come up with really impressive web design ideas, and it is the job of web developers to put that vision into reality. In implementing design ideas, they should be supportive and flexible. In addition, they should also see to it that the overall website resource consumption and loading response time are at minimum to maximize the user experience.
  1. “Test Drive” It – Similar to purchasing a new car, you would not buy it unless you experience driving it for yourself, right? So, it is imperative for both the design and development teams to check in with their customers throughout the process. Their feedbacks will be a valuable assessment for every produced prototype.

To sum it up, the key to master in balancing web design and functionality is to carryout processes that promote team unity. Indeed, this is how professional web developing companies in Boston accomplish their every project.

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