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Tips That Get Visitors to Push Web Page Buttons

In most consoles or apparatus, there are colorful lights and buttons. When any person sees this, they can’t help but be curious what these lights and buttons are for. Some go
as far as finding out by mischievously pushing these buttons. Normally, this wouldn’t be a good idea. It is this basic human characteristic that web designs should take advantage of when creating pages.

Businesses that offer their products and services via the internet often have buttons on their web pages that encourage visitors to push the buttons. Removing the visitor factor
and focusing on the appeal of the button alone, here are a few tips for incorporating button appeal to the overall graphic design of the page.

First is to prioritize buttons. If the page only has a one call-to-action button, then continue on to the next tip. For those with multiple buttons, it is highly advised to prioritize and create a hierarchy between them. This means the positioning and look of the most important button should be more prominent or should be at the top of the list.

The next tip is the styling or format of the buttons. Graphic designers have the power to alter and create the aesthetics of the page, why not play with it? Experiment with formatting of the buttons’ shape, size, color, dimensionality, embellishments and even
the text inside the button. Choose the one that not only makes the buttons enticing, but
coherent with the rest of the page’s design as well. The color of the text in the button should be readable, so color combinations are essential.

The third tip pertains to the text within the button. The button label must be exact and precise. The label description must exactly and precisely say what the call-to-action is,
should the button be pushed. If the label reads “Yes”, then pushing the button should
enable a yes call-to-action. If the label reads “Buy now!”, then pushing the button should
process the purchase of the item and not really “adding the item to the shopping cart”. There is nothing more infuriating than having to click so many buttons before getting to
where you want to be.

In summary, the best thing for a web designer to do is to design the page using their
skills while still visualizing themselves as a future visitor of the webpage. This first and
third person perspective will decide on how appealing the web site will be.

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