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Three SEO Myths Every Marketer Should Know

Understanding the seo world is already complicated, but with the addition of myths, misconceptions, and bad advices, you become boarded with loads of information that are actually not accurate. However, similar to most myths in other industries, these incorrect conceptions are nothing but factors of delay that only slow down or even prevent SEO marketers and practitioners from accomplishing certain tasks. Making the most out of your SEO campaign necessitates an in-depth understanding and debunking of several myths going around today.

Do not fall for these incorrect thoughts and ideas in SEO:

Myth #1: SEO is dead

Indeed, this is plainly untrue. Optimizing your website to make sure that search engines realize what your website is about would always be needed. Manipulating the rankings for your own good, however, is surely dying. As Google constantly updates their algorithm for page rankings, they are also eliminating black hat seo tactics. This alone is a cogent evidence that seo is far from dead, but bad maneuvers are.

Myth #2: On-page SEO has the most weight

This is complete wrong because off-page factors are possibly the most essential facet of SEO according to some seasoned practitioners. Nonetheless, always keep in mind that you should do more than just altering your site’s metadata just to acquire search traffic. While on-page optimization is equally important, off-page practices such as local listing, social media networking, and video marketing are just some maneuvers that could give your website additional boost.

Myth #3: Ranking is the only determinant of SEO success

If you think that this is true, then you should stop believing in it because page ranking is not the only metric to gauge success in SEO. Think of your whole SEO campaign as an iceberg, and the top portion that is easily seen is your page rankings. Always remember that you are optimizing your website not only because you want it to rank higher, but more importantly, it is mainly about traffic and actual conversions from that traffic. Besides, what is the point of ranking higher if that doesn’t correspond to more business opportunities and sales, right?

Final Words

In addition to these three misconceptions, keep in mind that not everybody could do SEO efficiently. Although most SEO components seem simple to do, they are not that easy because the SEO environment is invariably revolutionizing. The good and bright ideas today might turn into risky practices tomorrow. Therefore, trust only your online campaign to seo experts, for they already possess the know-how and skills on how to organically increase your rankings in search engine result pages.

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