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Three Reasons Why Responsive Web Designs Could be Your Best SEO Strategy for Mobile Marketing

Without a doubt, we are now in the technological era where computers and smartphones are becoming essential for everyday living. As a matter of fact, 22% of the global population already owned one or more smartphones as of late last year. With this rapid increase in smartphone adoption throughout the globe, the significance of mobile-friendly website also increases. Today, two out of three users claim that they prefer purchasing from a mobile-friendly site. And if your business relies heavily on SEO only, then it would be expedient to also begin having a responsive web design. Here are the reasons why responsive designs could be your best SEO strategy for mobile marketing:

  1. These are recommended by Google. Indeed, almost all search marketers listen when Google speaks. With this, they are urging sites to have responsive web designs as their mobile configuration as it will allow them to have a single URL and the same HTML regardless of the device. In return, this will allow Google to crawl, index, and organize the site’s content more easily.

Furthermore, Google also recommends having responsive web designs because the content that exists in one website and one URL permits users to share, link to, and interact with it much easier compared to contents that exists on a different mobile site.

  1. One website across multiple devices. One of the unparalleled facets of responsive web design is that a responsive site could render a bang-up user-experience across multiple devices with varying screen sizes. Certainly, this is a very crucial characteristic because it is not possible to realize beforehand what devices searchers will use to access your site. Without a doubt, a website that flawlessly works irrespective to these variables will surely provide a more consistent and better user-experience than a separate mobile website that is planned for a specific device only.

  1. Comparatively, they are easier to manage. Having a separate mobile and desktop site also necessitates having two different SEO campaigns. Needless to say, it is indeed easier to manage a single site and one search engine marketing campaign than to manage two sites with separate SEO marketing strategies.


To sum it up, responsive web designs are not only advantageous to optimize your site in search engines, but they also allow your visitors to have a better user experience. Unquestionably, a professional firm that offers affordable website design could assist you in having such kind of web design solution.

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