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Three Common Mistakes when Selecting an Ecommerce Solution

With the existence of countless ecommerce solution providers today, choosing the right platform is indeed tricky. However before choosing a specific one, you should be aware that ecommerce platforms, irrespective of how obscure or enormous they are, normally cater business needs using different approaches and are usually aimed at various markets. With the intention to prevent you from going through pitfalls, and to subsequently help you arrive at a decision; here are the common yet biggest mistakes to avoid in choosing an ecommerce platform.

1.    Getting a Solution without Understanding the Fees First – By far, this is the biggest pitfall since most people are beguiled by phrases like “flat percentage” or “flat rate”. Needless to say, they often think that the platforms offering these rates are also the ones that will provide bigger bang for their buck. Clearly, this is nothing but a big misconception. It is highly advisable to get the exact figures as much as possible. If you are looking for a hosted solution, make sure to determine how much is their setup fees, monthly fees, transaction fees, web hosting fees, and other pertinent charges. For standalone ecommerce software, calculate the purchase price, together with other necessary fees for web hosting, development, and SSL certificate.

2.    Choosing a Solution without Doing Proper Research – Normally, firms that offer marketing and call center services, or sells ecommerce software/packages will definitely emphasize the efficiency and speed of their service or product. However, don’t fall too easily with their silver tongue. Rather, do your assignment and research whether they are what they claim to be. Ask for client references and determine if their previous clients were satisfied with the platform.

3.    Acquiring a Solution without Making Sure It’s Secure – Once you have an online store, its security is now your responsibility. So before your ecommerce store goes live, make certain that your solution is secure, and is Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Payment Application-Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) compliant. In addition, inquire about their fraud protection and clarify who will deal with instances of fraud problems.

Always remember that throwing questions is free of charge, so make the most of them before getting a specific platform. If you are not getting enough traffic for your ecommerce store, you could always hire a professional firm that offers affordable website design and SEO services to help you establish a separate site that will promote your online business.

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