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Things to Look for in a Web Hosting Provider this 2015!

In today’s competitive business landscape, having a professionally-looking website is no longer the only requirement for Baltimore-based business owners. For those with websites, they cannot afford having a website downtime because it is can potentially lead to loss in sales. This implies that selecting a company that provides website hosting and maintenance in Baltimore, MD is more crucial than it seems for business website owners.

To help you get started, here are some things you must look for when finding a web hosting provider:

  1. Professional Support 24/7 – First and foremost, you must know what kind of support your website needs. There are numerous technical glitches a website can face such as email issues that could last for days. In order to avoid dealing with such issues, it is better to look for a company that is known to offer quality support 24/7.
  2. More than Sufficient Backup – In addition, ensure also that your chosen web hosting company in Baltimore is capable of providing more than enough backup. It is beneficial especially if you accidentally deleted one of your important directories, let us say your blog directory for instance. If your web hosting provider offers reliable disaster recovery plans, as well as do automatic backups, then your website is in good hands.
  3. Uptime Guarantee of 99-1005 – The last thing you would want is to have your valuable clients looking at an error message when visiting your website. Therefore, make sure that your hosting service provider has an outstanding reputation not only for redundancy, but also for uptime. To a feasible extent, try to find a provider that guarantees 99 to 100 percent uptime to avoid experiencing server outages from time to time. Moreover, make certain that their main server has a lot of mirrored servers for backup purposes.
  4. Accessibility – There are a handful of unprincipled web hosting providers in the city that make it really difficult for website owners to perform changes in their website. Hence, it is better to pick a provider that is capable of providing you with seamless access to their server. In this way, you can easily make changes in your server settings, create additional email accounts, and more.
  5. Blog Support – Lastly, choose a provider that does not make blog creation complicated for you. Blog is very essential especially for start-ups in order to establish their brand in their respective markets.

Considering these five traits will surely get you the most professional Baltimore web hosting company today!

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