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The Way to a Clean and Sleek Web Design

Most trending websites and apps that have captured the interest of users have led to their trending. This is thanks to their individual and unique web design. Yet even though they are each unique, the most trending sites have something in common. Most of them have a clean and simple design. In other words, the web design is appealingly sleek. In order to achieve this end goal of a clean, simple, and sleek web design, here are a few tips to remember.

Tip #1. Complex and then Simple

Visual element placement and styling is part of the design process. There may be a concept, but a complete end product is only attained with experimentation of seeing
which element goes where in the graphic design. However, when aiming for a simple
design, some designers opt to not place anything on the page in fear of putting too much. This often leads to a dull and bland page. In order to avoid this, the tip would be to let exploration reign and allow the design to be initially complex. From there, it will then be easier to simplify the design and omit what is not necessary; from complex to simple.

Tip #2.Tweak and Tweak til you can’t Tweak anymore

There will always be something that can make it even a degree better. In order to create a clean, simple, and sleek web design, all elements, which include the composition, hierarchy, palette, and typography of the page, have to work together cohesively and harmoniously. This means that tweaking is inevitable and is not a matter of just one tweak here and there. So tweak, until there is nothing left to tweak.

Tip #3. Keep the Big Picture in Mind.

Sometimes, the big picture is lost in the design phase especially when each element is worked on separately and no visual congruity can be seen. It is here where printing and pinning the elements of the design concept comes in. This can help in keeping the big picture of the project in mind and doubles as a reminder and inspiration to move forward.

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