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The Two Fonts You Should Avoid in Web Design and Why

Fonts serve a great role in contributing to the beauty of web graphic design, because without it, the website will only have a unitary typeset. Still, while there are some fonts to be avoided, either in typography or in the web page design, using the proper ones could avert complete disaster, since a poor choice could lead to an equally poor user experience and could devastate a website’s popularity. Yes, there are a vast number of fonts out there, but there are some fonts that shouldn’t see the light of the day, since they’re either too cliché or very hard to incorporate to the page’s design. Here are two of these font styles:

Comic Sans MS

One of the most basic fonts available in Windows, this font has been around since 1994. The main reason why you should avoid this is that, in all respects, this font is a tad too childish. It doesn’t emanate formality, so unless the website in question is made for children, then avoid these kinds of font as there are other better fonts out there.


Website developers shouldn’t use this font if they want to draw attention to a website, since this font from 1983 is considered ill-fit for any website because it doesn’t have any sort of appeal. Still, the only reason why it ended up being avoided is that it was overused in its prime, used repeatedly until it lost all its meaning. In fact, its use had been so diverse that people started hating it.


Fresh designs and other innovative strategies are one of the best things that could be applied to a website. For web design jobs, originality is at their core and at a certain level, experimenting and pushing against the limits of the norm could be rewarded with awed users. That’s why, web designers shouldn’t just be satisfied with the pre-existing fonts they have. They should strive to look for something new—something that could suit their needs in order to make a website that will surely “wow” their audience. As such, the fonts mentioned above should be taken to rest in order for us to move forward.

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