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The Title That Makes It in Search Engine Optimization

What is the first thing people look at when it comes to literature, whether its books, newspapers, web page content? The first thing will always be the title. The title is the
“first impression” of what the user will read next. This careful consideration of the title,
specifically the titles of web pages, also plays a role in search engine optimization as it
is text which search engines recognize.

Below is a guide in the dos and don’ts of creating search engine friendly, and therefore search engine optimization friendly, titles on the pages of websites.


1. Specifics are key. Titles of web pages should convey the message or intent of the page. It is best to have one page for one thought. Any title that may need the conjunction “and” should probably be split into two thoughts and consequently two pages. Also, generic keywords such as categories should be avoided.

2. Unique stands out. New and unique has always, at the very least, captured people attention. In this case, each page title should be unique from the other pages. Again, each page title should be specific but it should also stand on its own from the other pages of the website. The title should be unique from the title of the other pages.

3. Compel. As with all titles, the title should compel users into reading on. This is important especially since in a search engine results page, the users’ eyes have access to only the page title, the page description, and your page’s URL. Help users along by having a compelling page title, much like a blog.


1. Repetition. Repetition of the same keyword in one title is not good SEO practice. This blunder can often lead to the title being stretched to the other pages included in the website.

2. Lengthy titles. Search engines like Google for example a lot space for only 70 characters on the generated search result list. Anything longer than this is not displayed and is cut off and is wasted.

3. Company name. Search engines will naturally generate a high ranking if the company was used as the keyword search so it becomes redundant if the company name is used in the title. It would be better if the title included the keywords first rather than the company name.

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