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The Silent Blog Syndrome: What It Is and How It Can Be Avoided

For bloggers and website owners, the so-called “silent blog” syndrome is indeed one of the scariest things to experience. After investing countless hours researching on a good topic to write and pouring unparalleled effort to come up with the content, your blog receives no comments, no likes or even negative remarks – no engagement at all! Your blog page is like a lonely dark place, and unfortunately, you are suffering from the “silent blog” syndrome. So the question now is, how will your search engine marketing campaign in Long Beach, California achieve success if your blog cannot get the readers to read and interact with it?

While it is very electrifying to have an active blog, it is, indeed, disheartening to have a silent one. The moment your target people read and take part in the blog’s discussion, your feeling of becoming a true blogger will be unmatched.

No Blog Comments at All

The main reason why your blog is not acquiring any audience interaction lies between the blogger and the blog platform’s approach. Some bloggers have this mindset that getting comments is something that can be done forcibly. In reality, however, this is not the case. Commenting on something is done willingly. So instead of going against their will, try to stir up their volition by giving them insightful and quality content. Make the content intriguing, challenging, or quite controversial so you can naturally prompt their thoughts about the matter.

Blog commenting is also connected to web marketing search engine optimization in Long Beach, CA. If you can’t attract readers, then the lesser your chance of having comments. Therefore, if you want to draw in comments, you also need to market your blog posts.

Reasons of Having a Silent Blog

Other reasons why your blog has no comments is due to the blogging platform. There are blogging platforms that have broken or faulty comment system. In addition, there are platforms that have malfunctioning Captcha and require the readers to create an account or choose an avatar first before posting comments. Moreover, some platforms necessitate the blog moderator to approve the comments first before publishing it in their site. Nonetheless, all these reasons may keep readers from immediately leaving comments and their thoughts about your write-up.

The Solution

So, how can you prevent having a silent blog? Start by crafting meaty content. Also, do not forget to market your content in all possible channels every now and then. Effective content marketing is also essential in having a thriving search engine marketing and optimization in Long Beach, California.

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