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The Significance Of A Proper Blog Hosting And Maintenance

Whenever individuals create a blog (free or otherwise paid), they don’t usually think things through in advance. Instead, they wind up constraining themselves. A lot of people would do is purchase a domain and leave it that way, especially bloggers. These people don’t understand the value of an appropriate web hosting and maintenance. For this reason, this post tackles why you ought to purchase web-hosting.

Why do we need it anyway?

Web-hosting means keeping your website files stored on a separate and dedicated web server. It is slightly different from domain hosting. Domain hosting simply describes the purchasing of a custom web address for your blog. Although it’s true that Google provides Blogger users a free web-hosting service, the truth remains that this kind of hosting is limited. The following restrictions (even if you buy a custom GoDaddy domain) for your Blogger account includes:

You cannot create:

Sub-domains (

A forum or any similar application

Custom web pages

Limited (if they are provided at all):

Few custom email addresses

1 GB total size of uploads

Unable to:

Host scripts on your website, and will likely need to depend on a third-party

Upload files (except for images and videos that can only be added into your posts)

Each page is only capable of holding 1 MB

These factors distinguish a blogger from a webmaster. Rookies normally don’t understand their value, and are reluctant to invest on a good hosting services coming from reliable web developing companies. These attributes are very useful in the future if you wish to expand your blog’s scope:

Add custom pages

Tools and apps

Add custom scripts

Better invest your time and money to services provided by recognized SEO firms. Why you ask? You’ll be hitting multiple birds with one stones. Their low cost web design service together with SEO and social media marketing techniques will definitely generate traffic and boost your blog’s visibility.

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