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The Secret to Good Tweeting

Twitter is an essential social media platform that can help with the search engine marketing campaign of a business and its website. The advantage of Twitter is that it generates a following that are instantly informed of any new development of a business whether it is a product or a service. Who knows, that “tweet” may be exactly what the user is looking for.

For those who have Twitter as part of their search engine marketing campaign, here are three key things to remember in making successful and trendy “Tweets” about your brand.

1. Do not beat around the bush. While catchy introductions or catch phrases are all well and good, it should not mislead readers and promise what it isn’t. First and foremost, a following should be established and the way to get that is to build trust while still giving this following something to tweet about. Make sure that the link is of relevant content yet is still interesting that people would want to share it to others. The stressed importance here is to link to truly related content.

2. Speaking of relevance, Twitter has a function that caters to relevance. This means that apart from all the trending that lets one to quickly know of what people are talking about, it also has a customization function known as the customize Twitter trends function that lets you filter our irrelevant feeds. This way, Twitter will only post information that is only relevant to your business and customers. The point of this function is for businesses to be able to target audience and target market in real time.

3. Mix the benefits of text Tweets and image Tweets. The benefits of text is that it plays a role in search engine marketing as search engines use text based algorithms. Images and videos provide the benefit of capturing the interest of tweeters, provided of course that it is relevant content.

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