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The Rise of Responsive Content

Based from the proverbial web development services in Oakland, California this year (2014), a responsive website has grown an unprecedented popularity. What’s to hate in this kind of technology, right? Having a responsive design is essential in today’s mobile age in order for businesses to flourish. Of course, we thought responsive design was the future, but we now realize that it is not the only strategy that’s essential. Responsive design is not sufficient anymore if you want to remain on top – you also need to implement responsive content.

To help you understand the distinction between a responsive design and responsive content, imagine your web visitors as customers in a restaurant. Naturally, you have ensured that your restaurant’s interior is elegant-looking (brand), you have prepared the best menu and employed the most skilled chef (responsive design). Regrettably, the service (responsive content) is not as good as the two earlier aspects – you lack professional waiters to complete the package.

Keep in mind that your visitors are hungry, and although you have given them the best food, something significant is missing. Responsive design without responsive content is like presenting your best platter, only to find out that half of the meal is missing.

In order to be effective and remain competitive in today’s online marketing standards, you need to implement responsiveness in every aspect. Remember that consumers nowadays are getting hungrier, tech-savvier and smarter.

The Need for “Responsive Copy”

Given the abovementioned points, copywriters and content writers now need to look at how their copy would appear on all screen resolutions and devices. In fact, it is becoming imperative for writers to double check everything whenever they write – from grammar, to content structure, and to design perspective.

The following questions must be addressed along the way:

  • How will this copy look on a mobile device?
  • Which part of the content would visitors see first in their mobile device?
  • Will the entire content fit on a same line when optimized for a tablet?

Indeed, responsive website design is now bridging the gap between content writers and designers because copywriters now confront challenges that are usually exclusive to designers.

Without a doubt, your website needs a responsive design. However, it has left your visitors unsatisfied and craving for more. Combining responsive design and responsive content would complete your user-centered responsive scheme to make certain that all your visitors are getting the best experience possible from your website. To help you get started with the implementation of this technique, you can always turn to professional companies that offer web development and web marketing search engine optimization in Oakland, CA.

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