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The Ethical Means to “Spy” Your Competitor’s Best Content

The Ethical Means to “Spy” Your Competitor’s Best Content


Content is the backbone of digital marketing. In fact, content is the reason why search is there in the first place. That is why a lot of business enterprises with websites are starting to see the importance of hiring an expert SEO company in New York to handle their content creation and marketing. Unfortunately, unscrupulous digital marketing companies only generate content for the website to have “meat”. They do not know that in order to achieve a thriving content marketing campaign, they must produce highly-engaging and informative content that exceeds the quality of their competitors’.


Content that Works- The Significance of Spotting Them

The major function of content is for your target audience to locate you. Once they are on your web page, content now plays to keep them with the hopes of converting them into paying customers. Hence, for all of these to materialize, always see to it that your content is always centered on quality. Always make the story for them. Be aware of their pain points and address them through your content. Additionally, content that arouses the curiosity and emotion of the readers is the most ideal to get it read and shared across various online platforms.


So, can you determine the content of your competitors that attracts your target audience?

The answer lies within a couple of ethical practices and the right tools.


Breaking Down Competitor’s Content

Heard of the popular byword “keep your friends close but your enemies closer”? That can also be applied to content marketing. In reality, breaking down your competitor’s content structure is advisable for you to become more competitive in the market. Monitor and key out which of their content assets are luring and converting readers. The better you understand their content assets, the better your chance of vying against them.

In finding out their best content, bear in mind these guide questions:

  • What is peculiar about their service/product?
  • What is unique about their marketing scheme?
  • What do my target customers buy/avail from them?
  • What can my business offer that my competitors cannot?
  • Is there any loophole in their content? If yes, how can I turn that into strength for my business?

In web marketing search engine optimization in New York, New York, assessing the content marketing strategy of your competitors will require a lot of time, effort, and marketing money. Thus, better come prepared before venturing in this task.

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