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The Best SEO Strategy to Battle Out Scraper Sites When it Comes to Content

Undoubtedly, original and unique content is what drives a website on top of the search engine result pages (SERPs). Because of this reason, most online search engine optimization campaigns are geared towards creating and honing quality content in the hopes of making Google look favorably in their websites.

Regrettably, there’s a persistent problem with spammy websites today that take existing content (word by word), and passing it off as their own content. These sites are called “scraper sites” and they are a pain in the head for two reasons. First and foremost, they remove the value of the original content they have stolen, and secondly, they impact the page ranking of the website where the content is originally published.

Needless to say, a lot of websites have been affected by these scraper sites over the past years and there is nothing as painful as seeing your hard work being stolen and even benefiting unscrupulous websites in SERPs. Thankfully, Google has offered a solution that can be your seo strategy to battle out scraper sites when it comes to content and page ranking.

Reporting a Scraper Site

Today, Google adds a feature which permits a webmaster to report a scraper site. Reporting is fairly easy and would only take a few moments. Just go to Google’s Scraper Report page, enter the URL of the website that contains the original content as well as the scraper site’s URL. Moreover, the report page will prompt you to enter the URL of search results that shows the problem. Lastly, before you hit the submit button, you must ensure that the original site is complying with Google’s webmaster guidelines, and hasn’t received any manual penalties lately.

However, there is no confirmation yet on what Google will do with this information, and there’s no assurance that submitting a report will automatically solve the problem and improve your page rankings. Nevertheless, one thing is certain- Google is collecting this information in order to craft an appropriate strategy to combat scraper sites.

Final Thoughts

Stealing content and claiming it as their own is a rampant problem within the search engine marketing industry today. So to protect all your content efforts, the best way is to report the scraper site immediately. In order to protect your site’s page ranking, consult with the best seo company on how to improve your optimization strategies with these scraper sites in mind.

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