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The Best Search Engine Optimization Practices to Optimize Videos

Incorporating videos into an online marketing plan is indeed becoming a norm in today’s search engine optimization environment. In fact, even the best seo company highly recommends optimizing video for it typically brings more interest and engagement to your content than the conventional text-heavy articles. In this way, you can provide your readers with more valuable content, and in return, they would automatically share it making your content viral across the web.

However, “video SEO” is quite a new sphere to conquer so you need to consider several precaution. Nevertheless, here are some techniques to improve video SEO:

#1: Create a Video and Decide a Host

Naturally, the first step is to create a video, then decide where to host that video. Most business owners opt for YouTube because it is the most popular search engine when it comes to videos, and ranking on this platform is quite easy. However, you need to consider a lot of factors in order for your video to rank well such as title, keywords, tags, and descriptions.

#2: Insert Keywords

Placing keywords is your best search engine optimization move when it comes to video optimization. Similar to the normal piece of content, your keywords will tell the bots what your video content is all about. However when inserting keywords, they should sound naturally and not forced.

#3: Create a Catchy Title

Creating a catchy title is somehow difficult because you want to make it very appealing to your audience while you need to insert your target keywords for the Google bots. Nevertheless, pour in some time to create an attention-getting and keyword-optimized title.

#4: Have a Thorough Description

Always keep in mind that YouTube bots cannot watch your video, so the embedded textual content is what will determine the content of your video. The description is where you’ll place this content so you definitely need to make it count.

#5: Insert Tags

Tags actually matter when it comes to video. Use important keywords and relevant key phrases to let the bots know where your video should be categorized.

Additional Tip:

If you want a more compounded result, consult with the best search engine marketing firm to help you spread the word about your video through syndication, link building, as well as social sharing.

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