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The Best Search Engine Optimization Practices for Mobile Marketing

Consumers nowadays are progressively relying on smartphones and other electronic devices to acquire information that would help them arrive at a purchasing decision. Therefore if your search engine optimization and marketing strategies are still pitched mainly for desktop and laptop users, your business is definitely missing a very big opportunity for growth through mobile marketing. Given this reason, this article lists down four unfailing practices to achieve a successful mobile marketing campaign.

1.    Website Design: Responsive and Mobile-friendly – If you truly want to provide the best user experience for your mobile visitors, discard all design elements or features that slow down your site’s loading response in mobile and tablet devices. Get rid of unnecessary design features such as fancy fonts, large images, and flash animations. Doing so would make your site’s navigation easier, prompter, and more user-friendly. In addition, users nowadays favor websites that are equipped with a responsive design because it automatically adjusts regardless of their mobile devices.

2.    Content: Concise yet Meaty – Focus on creating content that is direct, succinct, yet meaty. As much as possible, your content should immediately provide customers with answers without scrolling too much. The longer your users try to search your website for answers, the lesser they will stay in your website. Always keep in mind that your users view your website on a small screen, so make sure that your content can be accessed and read easily. If you have a local business such as coffee shop, theater, or restaurant, one of the best search engine optimization practices you could do for mobile is to keep your physical address and contact information highly visible in the home page.

3.    URL: Same for Desktop and Mobile Sites – Surely, you do not want visitors to wait until they are redirected to your mobile site. Needless to say, it will take some time and your users might just cancel visiting your website. That is why you should have a single URL for both of your desktop and mobile sites. In addition, having a single URL is beneficial for your SEO campaign because all links will point to one site only.

4.    Keywords: Suitable for Mobile Searches – Customers tend to utilize fewer or different keywords when they search using their mobile devices. Accordingly, have a separate keyword research in order to incorporate shorter and more relevant keywords for your mobile marketing campaign.

Final Words

In addition to these four practices, make sure your social media buttons are functional and could easily redirect your visitors to your social media channels. If integrating all these practices into your mobile strategy seems daunting to you, you could always turn to professional search engine optimization companies.

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