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The Benefits of HTML5

HTML5 was first released in 2008 and has been doing great since then. Even with its popularity, there are some graphic developers who are not aware of this new and upcoming html standard. Despite it being of late, it is pretty much available to everyone and is ready to use. This html principle provides more adaptability while making it possible for websites to be more efficient, interactive, and powerful for graphic designers and developers. So without any further adieu, I will be discussing with you the benefits of HTML5. Do read on the following to learn more about it.


Since the usability of websites that are made by developers is very interactive these days, their graphic designers have to include flexible stream videos, play music, animations and Social Networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook into websites. To integrate those things, they only have the help of tools like Flex or javascript, and Flash or Silverlight up until now, and these take a lot of time to develop. They tend to increase the complexity of the web application as well.

However with HTML5, embedding high quality drawings, videos, audios, animation, and charts as well as other rich contents without the use of any third programs and plugins in making a site is a no sweat for graphic developers.

Geo location

The geolocation APis of the new HTML5 makes any location be available once on any browser based applications that are compatible with HTML5, whether it is generated thru GPS or another method.

Cleaner Codes and Improved Semantics

In this new html standard, we can cut out most div tags and fill it in with the new semantic elements from the new one, this way it allows the graphic designers to use sleek and cleaner codes.

The semantic value of a page is increased since the codes are standardized in this latest html principle.

Adept Storage

With the use of the sessionStorage and localStorage instead of the traditional cookies for tracking unique user data, the cookie size is reduced as well as the response time. Although they are not a permanent database, they let you store any structured data for a limited time.

Great for Mobile Phones

Most mobile phones have no access to flash, but with HTML5 the different multimedia contents are delivered to these gadgets.

Offline Access to Applications

With its offline application cache, the users are still able to access and use their applications even without network connection.

Basically, this is just an outline of the benefits of HTML5. The truth is there are more than what is stated in this list. Even though it is still in improvement, graphic developers and graphic designers can already implement it with their designs and still end up contented with maybe just a few disappointments.

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