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The Bedrock of Website Development

In today’s business and marketing landscapes where the number of consumers who are tech-savvy is increasing, it is becoming necessary for business owners to have a website in order to remain competitive. Not just a normal website, but a website that is well-designed and can be navigated with ease. It sounds tedious, but business owners do not have to dig in much about advanced website development in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. If they are to hire developers, they should be aware of these five fundamentals in order to be efficient:

#1: Tagline: Attention-Grabber

I bet you know by now that there are hundreds (or thousands) of other websites that offer the same service or products like you. Therefore, in order to pull in a decent number of prospects, your website needs to have a visible, catchy, and noteworthy tagline. Additionally, taglines also play a huge role in subtly convincing your visitors to navigate more web pages.


#2: Page Number: As Few as Possible

Keeping the number of your web pages as few as possible will eventually help your website to load, run and respond smoothly. This kind of web page structure is very helpful for your audience with slow internet connection. Consequently, website developers in Oklahoma City, OK should also be aware of the other factors that may hamper the website’s speed and performance because these are all critical in providing good user experience.


#3: Search Box: Easy to Find

Search box is undoubtedly one of the underestimated facets in website design. For users, it is indeed helpful especially if they do not know where to find a specific web page, or product/service. Eventually, this leads to easier and more logical navigation within your website. If you are running an ecommerce website, having a search box is a must.


#4: Broken Links: Zero

Another fundamental thing to do is to regularly check for broken links. Place yourself in the shoes of your audience and imagine being redirected to a blank page whenever you try opening a link. It is disappointing, right? In order for this to not happen, make sure that your website has no broken links.


#5: Navigation Links: All Working Properly

Another thing to make sure is functional navigational links. Most successful business websites nowadays are those that guide their customers throughout the purchasing process. This means that your website should have logical and easy-to-follow navigation. In addition, it is also logical if you will make it easy for your consumers to continue where they are, in case they did not finish their purchase.


If you are inclined to have a better result in developing and hosting your business website, it is advisable to get the help of a reliable provider of web hosting in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. They can be of huge help in keeping your business website remain functional.

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