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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Web Hosting Types

In owning a business these days, there is the need to establish your presence in the internet. You will need to create a website for your business and keep it running.  When your website has been completed, you will need to look for hosting and maintenance that is reliable and that will fit your website’s needs. With so many web hosting companies out there, and with the varied types of services they offer, it is easy to get lost or make a mistake, most especially if you are new at it. The functionality of your website is the main thing to take into consideration when choosing the right hosting for you. Here are the different kinds of hosting servers to choose from:

 Dedicated Hosting

This type of service indicates that you are the only occupant of the server and you do not share it with any other website. This is ideal for sites that have huge amount of traffic. It has two main types, the managed and unmanaged. In a managed dedicated hosting, a technician does the tweaking and set up for you. As for unmanaged servers, you have full control of everything, with no technical support provided for. This is very costly and if you are not very tech savvy, you will need to employ a technician to manage your server.

Shared Server

As its name implies, your website will be sharing one server with other websites. This means that the server memory, bandwidth and speed are shared among the tenants as well. It is ideal for sites with small traffic and is considerably less expensive than other hosts. However, your site can suffer performance issues due to limited resources.

Cloud Hosting

In this type, your site is being hosted by several other servers that have load balancer
shared in between them. This indicates that when one server fails, the data is distributed to the other servers to guarantee that your site will stay up and will not be affected. It is ideal for collocation needs and can be more expensive than shared servers but cheaper than dedicated servers. It can be prone to security issues since your data sometimes is moved from server to server.

Virtual Private Servers or VPS

This form of hosting allows you to experience almost all the perks of a dedicated server without the hardware and infrastructure requirements. Technically you are using only one server yet you can divide it to act as different hosting servers. It is, however, more expensive compared to shared hosting and requires high maintenance.

Do not rush in choosing your web host company, take your time. Consider your website’s needs and your budget then scout around for the best hosting company that fits perfectly. Just as your low cost web design, hosting will not cost you very much as long as your website doesn’t have too many functions like an xcart where you can purchase products on the website itself, paypal payment inclusive. Good Luck!

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